Map Your Ideas With Exploratree

Map Your Ideas With Exploratree


Exploratree is a free web resource that provides a series of interactive thinking guides or frameworks that support you while you work through a topic and help you to define an idea as well as the planning required to investigate it further. Completely customisable, editable and shareable, Exploratree also enables you to create your own frameworks, simply and easily.

With Exploratree you can:

  • Use readymade thinking guides or create your own
  • Print thinking guides as big as A0
  • Customise thinking guides
  • Set up the sequence that you want the thinking guide to be revealed in, thereby staging the thinking activity
  • Fill in a thinking guide and complete your project on the website
  • Present your project
  • Send your thinking guide to a group of people
  • Submit a thinking guide for comments, so that it cannot be edited but just reviewed
  • Work in groups on the same thinking guide

Fill out the registration form on, supplying a valid email address to which you have access. Once you have submitted your details you will be sent an activation link, which will allow you to use your account. Flash is required to access the website.