Pretailing: Being Cool Means Being First

Pretailing: Being Cool Means Being First


Who are pre-sumers? They’re consumers who love to get in there first and buy things in their conceptual stage. For pre-sumers, it’s all about the product, the story, participating, and the status of being a first-mover – before things go mainstream.

What do they look like?

If you take the user profile of crowdsourcing platform, Kickstarter, they are:

  • 62% male
  • 50% aged between 18 and 34
  • 48% tertiary educated
  • 45% earning more than $50 000 per annum

Why you should take note

In short, it’s the best way to get a perfect market fit.

Driven by the thrill of being early and finding the next big thing, pre-sumers indulging in pretail can help you innovate and modify your offering to a tee, instead of waiting to see how it will perform in retail. Plus, presenting and selling innovations to consumers in this way means there’s a near zero cost and risk aspect.

Worried you won’t find enough funding or consumers to buy your niche product or service? Data from Kickstarter shows global growth of crowdfunding of over 134% from 2011 to 2012. That’s 2,2 million people from 177 countries and over $275 million in contributions.

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Tracy Lee Nicol
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