How SA Entrepreneurs Beat Their Biggest Challenges

How SA Entrepreneurs Beat Their Biggest Challenges


Offering some great business advice, in a conversation led by Aden Thomas, we introduce three incredible individuals who talk business over four inspiring episodes.

Meet Luvuyo Rani, founder of Silulo Ulutho Technology, a company that brings IT services to the townships; Jody Aufrichtig, the man behind projects such as The Old Biscuit Mill and the Grand Daddy Hotel; and fashion designer Pumeza Mekuto. Clinical psychologist, David Rosenstein, is on hand to help us unravel some of the obstacles we might put in in our own way when it comes to growing a business and taking risks.

Listen to the discussions between these inspirational thought-leaders who share their own practical advice on running a business, brought to you by Santam.

In the first episode, the experts tell us how they beat their biggest challenges. The discussion is packed with real world insights and advice on running a successful SME.

  • Listen to Episode 1 Here

In episode two, they discuss how SME’s can deal with the challenges of hiring, firing and working with others.

  • Listen to Episode 2 Here

The panel of four also discuss how to get the funding you need and clever ways for small and medium businesses to work together to help each other out.

  • Listen to Episode 3 Here

The final episode from the esteemed panel discusses the best advice and insight into how to deal with failure.

  • Listen to Episode 4 Here


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