5 Steps for Building your Personal Brand

5 Steps for Building your Personal Brand


1. Be authentic

Anything other than the real you and harnessing your true strengths is bad for business.

2. Create content

A great website or online contributions full of expert advice is the engine of your personal brand. Think about it, if you want to know more about someone, you Google them.

3. Help others

You won’t get ahead by stepping on others’ toes. Offer a helping hand where your strengths lie and it will get your name out there.

4. Affiliate and recognise

Networking is important and if you don’t have your own credentials to leverage just yet, find someone who you can cosy up to while you get yourself known, and publicly acknowledge them.

5. Put your face out there

Have professional photos taken and spread them across all social media platforms. A catchy slogan and a picture that says ‘I’m your friend in business,’ will get you places.

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Tracy Lee Nicol
Tracy-Lee Nicol is an experienced business writer and magazine editor. She was awarded a Masters degree with distinction from Rhodes university in 2010, and in the time since has honed her business acumen and writing skills profiling some of South Africa's most successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, franchisees and franchisors.Find her on Google+.