Build A Brilliant BOD (It’s Not What You Think)

Build A Brilliant BOD (It’s Not What You Think)


To have a top brand or offering either as a business or individual looking to further your career prospects, you need to have a great BOD!

This is something I learnt from business woman and author Shama Kabani and is the number one tool I use when dealing with a new client or in my own businesses.



If your brand could be summed up in one word what would it be? I will use my company, The Cre8tive Group as an example. Our clients use many words to describe us but the most prominent phrase is ‘Full Service.’ We are striving towards being a one stop shop for our clients offering a 360° marketing service.

When you think of a brand – what comes to mind? Nike, Ferrari, Coca Cola. Think about what you want people to relate to when it comes to your business and brand.

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What is the outcome you help your clients or customers achieve? What problem are you solving? Not the process you use, but the final result. Sum it up in one sentence.



What makes you different from the thousands of competitors out there? Your differentiator, in other words, is simply what makes you stand out.

Again I’ll use my company, The Cre8tive Group as any example. What makes us different is the fact that we have chosen to position ourselves in a niche market (Sports Supplements & Pharmaceutical) and become extremely focused and knowledgeable on this sector. This has allowed us to become ‘experts’ or the ‘go to’ agency if you are in this industry.

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These three principles are incredibly important; they are the basic foundation blocks to brand building.

If you don’t have the right elements, you can’t stand out from the competition. If you don’t stand out, you won’t attract people to do business with you.

Greg Tinkler
Greg Tinkler is a serial entrepreneur and owner of the Cre8tive Group, one of SA’s top brand activation and marketing agencies. He has launched many of SA’s top sports supplement & pharmaceutical brands from start-up to multi-million rand brands.