Connect the Branding Dots

Connect the Branding Dots


Start with the idea that your potential customers don’t really know you. They don’t know if you’re well- established or fly-by-night, honest or if you treat your customers well. They don’t know if you’re a solid professional.

People pick up clues from the way your logo, brochure and website look, which makes visual branding important. Here are a few basics to help your business look credible:

  • Go for simplicity and lack of clutter. (Think Apple, the master of simplicity in branding.)
  • Create or demand a clean, well-balanced graphic design.
  • Use one or two basic colours that go well together.
  • Choose one font and stick with it. You can express almost anything by using variations within a single font family. If you really must, choose a second font for major headlines.
  • Coordinate a single look across everything you do, including your logo, website, brochures, ads and signage.

Give your business the dress and body language that will tip off your future customers so they can believe in you. Harness their highly evolved, at-a-glance sense to build instant credibility.

John Williams is the founder of, the world’s first and largest DIY logo website. In his 25 years in advertising, he created brand standards for Fortune 100 companies like Mitsubishi and won numerous international awards for his design work.