How Snapchat Can Expand Your Brand

How Snapchat Can Expand Your Brand [Infographic]


Speak to any marketer or social media guru and they will all agree – Snapchat is the social platform to watch. Snapchat allows you and your company to have an individual, distinctive voice in a competitive market. And with over one hundred million daily active users – it’s no longer acceptable to ignore it! Snapchat is now rivalling Facebook. The instant video messaging app has transformed how we communicate with one another therefore it instantly effects how marketers market!

Utilising Snapchat allows you to bring your fans and customers behind the curtain – allow them to delve into the inner most workings of your business. Giving your customers and fans a daily update allows you to communicate directly with your target market which results in free market research if used correctly. “Digital storytelling’’ are the marketing buzzwords for 2016, it can be plainly be seen on Snapchat.

Although many businesses have yet to embrace Snapchat, the majority of the world’s largest brands have recognised the importance of the social media app. By being transparent and honest, your customers will feel like they are a part of your brand. Also by showing them what makes you unique, you will be able to grow your existing fan base.

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So how can it be implemented? There are numerous strategies that your company can take – depending on the business type and also how comfortable you are with allowing your customers behind the scenes.

For more information on how you can use Snapchat to grow your company, let’s check out this infographic from M2 On Hold which outlines the importance of Snapchat and how you can use it within your marketing campaign. Let’s check it out!

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