Winning Hearts and Minds

Winning Hearts and Minds


Before you compile your winning marketing strategy, you need to be sure of the message you’re communicating. Many businesses think that their message needs to be written in ten-page manifesto.

Wrong. A message is a story, and some of the most powerful stories are told in as few words as possible.

Here’s the deal

Your audience (customers) need to understand who you are, what you stand for and what you’re telling them, but you don’t need an essay to achieve that.


Ernest Hemingway, one of the world’s literary giants, set himself the challenge of writing a whole story in six words.

This is what he wrote:

For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.

He’s stated that he thinks it’s the best story he’s ever written. It’s powerful, dramatic and filled with emotion. And short.


Poet Dorothy Parker took the challenge a step further. She challenged herself to writing a story in two words.

This is what she wrote:

Pope elopes

Challenge yourself

Can you write your business’s story in one line? You’ll need to be clear on what you stand for — not the product or service you offer, but who you are, and why you do what you do.

Once you know that, the great marketing campaign will follow.

Nadine Todd
Nadine Todd is the Managing Editor of Entrepreneur Magazine, the How-To guide for growing businesses. Find her on Google+.