6 Steps To Launching A Newsletter

6 Steps To Launching A Newsletter



A newsletter is a great marketing and communication instrument. It can help you build and maintain relationships with your clients, both internal and external.

A well thought newsletter can benefit brand management, increase awareness of your company’s product/services, thus revenue growth.

You can plan your newsletter to correspond with your website, blog and other marketing communication. It can also be a tool that serves a specific purpose.

Step 1: Establish your aim

This stage defines the purpose of your newsletter. Why are you creating it? What is it about? some newsletters are informative, while others entertain. A style guide will make it easy for you to define your newsletter. Consider the style guide as rules that govern you and publishing team.

It includes grammar, language, formatting, tone, font, paper type. Is it going to be in print or digital? Are you going to have advertisements or not, how will you charge advertisers?

It should allow you to communicate with your readers as simple as possible. As the newsletter transforms, a style guide can be edited to be suitable.

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Step 2: Study your target

Who will be reading the newsletter? Define your readers as extensive as possible. Ask many questions, even those that appear pointless. For external readers establish their demographics, i.e. age, gender, income, etc.

Concerning internal readers focus on their challenges, what is important to them, how do they talk, etc. Consider all reader’s habits and interests.

Your knowledge of your readers will help you meet their needs. Create a newsletter that defines your readers. Keep up with readers as they change.


Step 3: Define your content

Your content interests your readers’ to your publication. The readers’ challenges and interest determine it. The style guide also influences the type of content.

Your content can be articles, pictures, reviews, cartoon and video clips (for digital). Although content changes with time and events, it should remain consistent.

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Step 4: Skills/resources needed

Resources differ depending on your method of publishing. It can include a high quality printer, copier, word-processing, design software, etc. The skills needed are contributors and reviewers, these comprise of graphic designers, writers, photographers, etc.

Step 5: Budget

Budgeting is an important step of creating a newsletter. It deals with money allocated to the project. Know how much is coming in and how much is going out.

Your budget should include both fixed and variable costs. You can generate money by charging advertisers. Your costs may include printing, distribution, internet, telephone, salaries, etc.

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Step 6: Production timeline

It takes time to produce an excellent newsletter. This is why you need a timeline that states time for each project. Allocate enough time to produce quality work, some projects take weeks, while other need a month or so.

The tasks include, gathering content, copy editing, editorial decisions, typesetting, proofreading, proofing and printing. State when would you like a project to start and end, plus how long each should project takes.

Neli Moqabolane
Neli Moqabolane is a writer who writes informative pieces that transform and educate. Her niche includes business (public relations), careers, and parenting/children. She graduated in 2014 from the University Of South Africa (UNISA) with a National Diploma in Public Relations Management. In 2007 she completed a Certificate in Community Journalism still at UNISA. Her education also includes a Higher Certificate in Economic Development from the University of the Western Cape, accomplished in 2007.