How To Create A Business Movement In Your Area

How To Create A Business Movement In Your Area


In the early stages of starting a business, the primary goal of the first campaign should be to generate positive publicity for the brand. People need to be excited that your company is coming to town and there needs to be anticipation built around the grand opening.

The best way to achieve this is to look at marketing as a means of starting a movement, rather than simply seeing it as a method of advertisement. This concept applies whether you operate locally or globally, but it can’t be denied that the “start a movement” approach is more effective when applied on a local scale initially.

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With that said, here are three things you can do to create a business movement in your area:

1. Do Something that Truly Benefits People

The best way to turn a business into a movement is to provide a product or service that is actually useful or beneficial to people in some way. Per Wickstrom, CEO and founder of Best Drug Rehab, gave me this advice when telling me the story of how his centre achieved such rapid acceptance.

In his words, “giving the people something they genuinely need in order to improve their own lives is the only way to ensure that your company will be valued and praised continually, which is the first step in starting a local business movement.”

2. Offer Incentive for Backing on Social Media

Social networking sites like Facebook carry tremendous local networking potential. You can tap into these resources to start a movement on almost any topic.

If your marketing material and business model provide any entertainment or informational value whatsoever, you should be able to get a fire started by offering your friends and followers incentives to like and share your posts.

Although Facebook “Like Gating” is now banned, there are still plenty of legitimate ways you can offer customers incentives become an advocate – you’ll just have to be creative.

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3. Associate with a Common Cause

People love to talk about their beliefs, political preferences, hobbies, and other opinionated topics that make them who they are as an individual.

If your business can provide a solution that ties into a common cause, you’ll instantly have a huge fan club just waiting for you open your doors. For example, Serenity Recovery was able to attract a fair amount of leads quickly by giving the surrounding community a place where addicts can go to rehabilitate.

Companies that take such morally beneficial stances early on are usually able to start movements that are conducive to long-term success.

Be Authentic and Don’t Exploit People

In closing, it is possible to use the above tips in a less than honest manner in order trick people into backing your company for nothing more than your own gain.

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Don’t think or operate in this manner, as it will only result in disappointment in the long-term. The key to starting a business movement that will last is to provide solutions that are mutually beneficial while striving to give the customer/client the best experience possible.

Harald Merckel
Harald Merckel is a freelance writer whose primary focuses are business, e-gaming and marketing. Although he loves tech gadgetry as much as the next guy, Merkel prefers to write with pen on paper. Merkel has a B.A. in Business and Communication from HWR-Berlin, where he was active in the Studentenwerk Berlin organisation. He has been a proud Berlin resident since the late 1990s.