10 Marketing Plays for 2015

10 Marketing Plays for 2015


There isn’t a business that doesn’t want to be more creative in its thinking.

To grasp the opportunities of todays business world you have to innovate and be a part of the world your brand lives in, leverage it and make it work in real time

Chug an honesty pill, understand that people want to get more out of less, follow current trends and do it different.

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Innovative marketing ideas for 2015

Tag 8 is a media innovation company.

We are a core team of strategic thinkers, media experts, project managers and creative problem solvers.

We collaborate with best-in-business partners in media, digital and technology to deliver connected solutions.

In our endless mission to create market opportunities and deliver connected solutions we have gathered insights on what we believe will stand out in 2015.

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Andrew Franks
Andrew Franks: Media entrepreneur, creative, connector & coffee lover. Ideas excite Andrew. He has spent his entire career in idea driven occupations as a creative director and media entrepreneur. Andrew began his career at Ogilvy and has since worked for some of South Africa’s best advertising agencies, developing award-winning campaigns along the way. After going overseas and working in London, he returned to Cape Town and founded the advertising agency Riot (Pty) Ltd. Following a decade of working in the advertising game, Andrew started playing in the media world. In search for new and innovative ways to interact and engage, he founded Tag 8 Media. Andrew currently plays ‘Head of Innovation’ fusing media, marketing & technology into one discipline.