Coca-Cola with a Twist

Coca-Cola with a Twist


The Coca-Cola company have upped their game recently with their new advertising techniques such as the ‘Coca-Cola Friendly Twist’ and ‘Unlock the 007 in you. You have 70 seconds!’ campaigns. This has set the stage for companies to come in terms of ‘experiential marketing’.

What is experiential marketing?

‘Experiential marketing is simply a form of advertising that focuses on creating a live brand experience. Traditional advertising, which comprises radio, print and television ads, verbally and visually communicates the brand and product benefits’, says Mike Silver of Stretch Experiential Marketing.

Experiential marketing seeks to immerse the consumer within the product or service. Stretch looks at which relevant media (normally digital and PR) complement and amplify this experience to wider audiences.

Ultimately, the goal is to form a memorable and emotional connection between the consumer and the brand, thereby generating customer loyalty and influencing purchasing decisions.

What did these adverts look like? Have a look and tell us what you think.

Coca-Cola Friendly Twist

Unlock the 007 in you. You have 70 seconds!


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