Four Market-Research Tools for Twitter

Four Market-Research Tools for Twitter


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Twitter has become one of the most popular weapons in market research arsenals. If you’re thinking of trying out Twitter, you’ll want to first scope out your target – your customers – as well as the opposition – your competitors.

Here are four tools that can help you gather intelligence from the field to make the most of your Twitter marketing efforts.


Imagine a Google-like search engine devoted solely to Twitter. You enter your search terms and, voilà! You see every public conversation happening on Twitter that contains that phrase.

With close to 200 million users on Twitter, you have a massive pool of up-to-the-minute conversations happening globally. Once you find people who are talking about your area of interest, you can engage them in real time on a personal level.

2. Twitter Grader

Twitter Grader ranks the top people on Twitter by geographic location. It uses an algorithm that looks at a person’s number of followers and how many people he or she follows, and also takes into consideration the number of conversations and retweets he or she is having. Using this data, Twitter Grader ranks people from 0% to 100%. It’s not foolproof, but this tool is one of the best ways for you to identify the most influential people in a city or region who are on Twitter.


A lot of the conversation by your target market may take place in blog comments, Twitter and even sites like These are valuable conversations, and
indexes this dialogue. This is a real time, conversational search engine that indexes millions of conversations from blogs, social networks and media, allowing you to keep up with the most current buzz on a topic


This service tells you who on Twitter is linking to a website with their tweets. When using Twitter Search to monitor your brand or your competitor’s brand, you will miss the links that use URL shorteners. Most people use URL shorteners when linking to a blog or site in a tweet. crawls through all of the shortened tweets to see what the true sites are that are being linked to. This is important for two reasons:

  • It gives you a much more accurate picture of the volume, nature and sentiment of the conversations about any website.
  • It helps you identify members or potential members of your community who are supporting
    you and your marketing efforts.
Jay Conrad Levinson
Jay Conrad Levinson was an American business writer, known as author of the popular 1984 book "Guerrilla marketing." He was born in Detroit, raised in Chicago, graduated from the University of Colorado.