Get Bang for your Buck

Get Bang for your Buck


Good design can have a huge influence on the success of a company’s marketing strategy. Yet in order for success to be ensured, clear goals need to be set.

Many companies don’t have the knowledge about what constitutes good design and whether they are getting ‘bang for their buck’ from their design agency. Designers don’t automatically know what result you want from the end product, which is why it’s important that you share this information with your agency.

Design briefs

For agencies, trying to produce a good design solution from a bad brief is like trying to choose a present for someone you have never met before. Great clients brief well, and they get the best work. The success of the end product and adherence to the allocated budget depends specifically on how well a designer interprets the client brief.

It’s always better to give too much information than too little. As a client, pay attention to your brief – you are spending money on your agency’s service, so make the most of it.

Getting the best

Here are a set of top tips on how you can ensure that you are getting the best out of your creative partners and that your company’s message is delivered with as much impact to the market as possible.

Define your expectations

Communicate ideas clearly. Do you want new sales or an increase in the awareness of your brand? Make sure your objectives are clear.

Formulate your design briefing

Always brief designers face-to-face, giving brief examples of what you have in mind or of the overall look and feel you want to achieve.

Identify whether the work is achievable within the budget

Be honest and upfront about what you can commit to. Make sure everyone is on the same page.

Set out timelines and keep approval loops tight

Evaluate whether the timeline for work stages is achievable and deadlines are realistic and ensure that the key decision-makers are in the room during a presentation.

Communicate regularly

Stick to the deadlines. If you promised to deliver changes, do so timeously – otherwise your project could be set aside and other clients might become a priority.

Commit to the duration of the campaign

Don’t pull the plug after the first week. Talent and skill are useless unless channelled into a final ‘sweet spot’ that addresses exactly what the target audience is looking for.

Allow the agency to do its job

Don’t impose solutions. You are paying for the agency’s ideas, so avoid prescribing to it. Be flexible and accommodating when it comes to matters of personal taste, but be firm in your objections to demands that reduce the effectiveness of the design.

Enjoy the process

If you and your creative agency’s team  have established a mutual trust, and they are good at their job, the process will be a pleasure.

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