Get Noticed

Get Noticed


The client

Orbit gum was looking for an innovative way to access new consumers.

The agency

Tag8’s business model is based on bringing brands together for the mutual benefit of both brands in reaching more consumers.

 The idea

Orbit gum needed a way to get free samples to the right target audience. Seattle Coffee Co. was open to a value add for its customers based on a freemium model (Seattle provides the ‘canvas’ but Orbit supplies the gum).

The solution? A sleeve around each takeaway cup of coffee that includes a free Orbit gum.

The brilliance

The average coffee drinker spends 37 minutes with a takeaway cup of coffee, and is very loyal to their brand.

This means Seattle is rewarding its customers, enforcing their brand loyalty, and Orbit’s branding spends 37 minutes in a potential customer’s presence, before being popped in their mouth. A twitter campaign (#EatDrinkChew) encouraged a call to action for consumers to win a trip to New York as well.

The marketing lesson

Finding synergies with brands that target the same market as you is a great way to increase your profile and marketing footprint. Offer them something for free that adds value to their customers, and you have a win-win situation.

The experiential nature of this campaign also adds to the charm. People are bombarded with advertising and brand slogans every day. Free samples, distributed in the right place, help you stand out from the crowd.

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Nadine Todd
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