How To Promote Your Blog By Following Your Passion

How To Promote Your Blog By Following Your Passion


What are You Passionate About?

If you are interested in promoting your blog it is likely that you want to have a money making blog rather than an online diary. When blogs first began they were mostly people writing about the various things that interested them in a given day.

People who told their stories well gained a following while others ended up writing mostly for friends and families. Either is acceptable but if the goal is to attract followers it is necessary to find a specific niche and focus on it exclusively.

It seems like it should be easy to know what one is passionate about, right? Interestingly, most people really aren’t sure. They know what they are expected to enjoy and be interested in, but many are far less certain of what it is they are actually passionate about.

It’s possible you’ve even started a blog and had difficulty making it viable simply because you went with what you thought you should write about rather than a topic that truly ignites your passion.

The secret there is to change the focus of the blog so working with it becomes more natural. For those that aren’t sure how to figure out what they love, the people at Live Your Legend have a ton of free resources to help people figure out what they love. 

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Cross Promotion

Cross promotion is an under-utilised blog promotion strategy. The two indirect methods of cross promotion are interviewing experts in your niche and providing guest posts to blogs in the same or a similar niche. Try both several times and pay attention to the referral traffic each generates.

Guest posts are not simply a way to get links to your blog. They should be viewed as a way to showcase your best writing and ideas. Give the readers of the other blog a reason to jump to your other writing.

Teach them something new, give them something they need, or engage them in some other way that draws their interest. While it is best to find sites with large audiences to maximise promotional benefit, any site within your niche is a good place to start because they will have readers you have yet to reach.

It seems counterintuitive to consider interviewing other people in an effort to promote your own blog, but it works. It is an intimidating undertaking. First, you have to think of the person in your niche that you would most like to have a conversation with.

The person you would read anything about simply because of their expertise in the field, then you have to ask them to talk to you. It’s like asking someone out on a date except on an infinitely grander scale because you already know how much you like them and want them to say yes. Getting over your nerves and asking for the interview really is the most difficult part.

Learning how to interview effectively requires confidence, persistence, and research. The benefits of putting forth the time and effort far outweigh the resources put into the project.

First, it is an effective promotional tool. The person interviewed may announce the interview on their social media channels or website. This drives traffic from your target demographic to your blog.

At least a portion of those new readers will share the interview and reach even more people interested in your niche. Even more importantly, it allows a blogger to bring valuable content to their readers and it allows the development of a valuable blogging skill.

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Share Your Expertise


When one is passionate about a topic they become an authority on it. Not because it pays well or because they want to impress someone, but because they truly love the subject.

If you are following your passion you almost certainly have some level of expertise on the topic you’ve chosen to blog about. If not, there is a desire to become an authority and learn as much as possible and share that information with a larger audience.

For either situation you will have compiled information and resources other people would love to have but haven’t had the time to research. Share that expertise with the world to promote your blog.

Infographics are currently one of the most popular ways to share information in a bite size sharable way. Unfortunately, most people assume they need a graphics degree or a great deal of experience to create one that is visually pleasing.

The truth is there are many free resources for creating infographics. Yes, it is possible to write interesting and engaging blog posts about the same information and those posts can go into greater depth. Do both. Write the most informative blog post possible about the topic and then create an infographic to promote it. Give the pertinent information away and encourage people to share it. Others will see it and come looking for the greater depth of knowledge you provided in the corresponding blog post.

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Where do people share infographics, memes, and gorgeous pictures? Pinterest. Yes, they also share them on other social media sites but Pinterest doesn’t get the credit and attention it deserves. Pinterest can dramatically boost blog traffic because people are visual. The want pretty things to look at, that’s why so many blog promotion tutorials will tell bloggers to include high quality images in their posts.

Images help add emotion to text and the emotion is what people connect with and remember.

Once you have narrowed the focus of your blog to the niche you are most passionate about, creating content becomes easy. The stress of trying to figure out a promotional strategy starts to melt away because you are creating content you actively want to share.

It will be easier to pitch ideas to other blogs and to approach experts in the field and convince them to share their insights with you and your audience. It all begins with following your passion and then connecting with others who share it. 

Harald Merckel
Harald Merckel is a freelance writer whose primary focuses are business, e-gaming and marketing. Although he loves tech gadgetry as much as the next guy, Merkel prefers to write with pen on paper. Merkel has a B.A. in Business and Communication from HWR-Berlin, where he was active in the Studentenwerk Berlin organisation. He has been a proud Berlin resident since the late 1990s.