(Infographic) Marketing Automation: How to Make it Work for You

(Infographic) Marketing Automation: How to Make it Work for You


The smart business knows its customers’ journeys. The smartest business, however, will use this understanding to automatically target its marketing to influence them.

Marketing automation can bring your business success by aligning what your customers are looking for with what you’re providing them. Better still, it bridges the gap between your sales goals and your marketing strategies by uniting your sales team’s efforts with your marketing department’s contributions. And that’s a real win-win.

Who’s automating their marketing?

The electoral success of Barrack Obama was underpinned by the fholy grail of digital campaigning. Team Obama successfully managed their supporters through an automated marketing platform known as The Dashboard.

And many other organizations have gained efficiencies and boosted their effectiveness too:

  • PaperStyle set up a series of automated emails tailored to those planning a wedding. They saw open rates double and revenue triple.
  • McAfee was able to increase its lead to opportunity rate four times through marketing automation.
  • Thomson Reuters transformed its working culture and united its sales and marketing teams by using systems to improve the quality of its leads. The result was a cohesive business, an increase in leads (23%), a drop in lead conversion time (72%) and a massive revenue rise (175%) attributable to marketing efforts.

In fact, if you’re not automating your marketing, you risk losing a distinct competitive advantage. It’s the fastest-growing CRM-related segment in the last five years, and by 2015 the use of its software is predicted to rise by 50%.

In short, you need to get your dashboard on board now.

What can marketing automation do for you?

Start automating your marketing and you can start:

  • Improving your lead management
  • Personalising and customising your content
  • Integrating your social media campaigns
  • Converting opportunities and closing deals quicker
  • Achieving better ROI in less than a year, as 75% of companies do, and ongoing savings thereafter.

If you want to find out just how marketing automation works, and how best to implement it for your business, the below infographic can help you get on track.

You really have nothing to lose – except your interdepartmental squabbles, inefficiencies, poor conversion rates and high marketing costs – and everything to gain.


This article and infographic was written and supplied by the www.adeccousa.com.


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