Milestones In Multi-Sensory Marketing

Milestones In Multi-Sensory Marketing


Happy Meal boxes virtual reality headsets

How to keep a personal touch in an AI world (and how, ironically, AI can help you with that too).

The division between want and need is increasingly blurred as efficiency accelerates. The consumer is on a joyride as the age of AI is upon us. From Happy Meal boxes that double up as virtual reality headsets to 3D printed foods, senses are hyper-stimulated and new worlds awaken while retro is re-imagined.

In this world of more, it is important to feel unique and leave our imprint in some sense or another. So we want customisation. An experience driven purchase heightens connection to the brand.

Intelligent design with interchangeable wardrobe staples takes things a step further by adding longevity. We want retail engagement and brand interaction.

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Pop-ups are another way of keeping the consumer connected. The experience lends an air of exclusivity. Simply shopping is a thing of the past. Now it’s all about experiential destinations. We want experiences of personal growth.

As Gen Y and Z has grown up, we are seeking moments of suspended adulthood – youthful, seemingly old world experiences in ball pits, on super-slides, at carnivals. Or we try extreme activities like volcano boarding. These activities aren’t centred around digital devices, although there is likely to be a selfie-bot or two hovering in the vicinity.

Attention spans want short bursts of newsworthy content, not excessive information. We are talking maximum content with minimum context. Time sensitive news apps are ideally suited for this. Providing short, to the point, catchy blurbs is a win.

Efficient personalisation can now be achieved using algorithm-based recommendations. An example is hotel concierge apps that are at clients’ service to cater to their personal needs highly effectively.

Self-care is now quantified thanks to the digital revolution. We’ve got AI help in monitoring our skin care, even our moods, and the optimum way to make the most of our fitness training. It could be tempting to take a back seat or go onto auto-pilot with all of this digital assistance, now that spell check has even evolved to auto-emoticons.

This is when it’s time to use and not be used by, to drive and not be driven by AI. (Although the autonomobile will soon be driving you around.) Use customisation opportunities and pop ups to connect. Harness efficient personalisation using algorithm-based programming.

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Bring the playful side back to consumerism and love the trend of multi-tasking virtual-reality packaging that customers assemble themselves. Tactile involvement is a hands-down win. Workshops are also a great way for consumers to see your brand as paired with personal development and acting as a catalyst for knowledge gain.

As trends come and go, the most important thing is keeping your relationship with your consumer. A great way to do this is by putting their face to your brand, through experiential marketing and personalisation. This reinforces the connection and brings play to each purchase. In these ways, the age of AI can help you make your brand even more human.

Daniella Shapiro
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