Playing Rocking Tunes In-Store Will Boost Customer Sales

Playing Rocking Tunes In-Store Will Boost Customer Sales


Advances in technology is often something retailers fear as they believe it will drive people away from their store. However, with location based advertising the exact opposite applies.

When you consider that 72% of consumers will act on a call to action if they receive a marketing message when in sight of the retailer, it really does make location based advertising a game changer for retailers.

Bearing this in mind, It is hardly surprising that 91% of brand executives increased their spends on location based marketing in 2013. It is vital though that retailers carefully plan their location based advertising campaigns.

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For the campaigns to be successful, retailers need to ensure that their website is mobile optimised, and that all vital information about the store is easy to access online.

Moreover, when the customer arrives in a store, it is important that they are comfortable there. In store music can play an important role in this, with 78% of customers feeling more patient and 76% feeling more relaxed when music is being played in store.

There is even the possibility to let the customer control the music they want to play. You can find out more about the power of location based advertising and in-store music in this info-graphic from the CUBE.


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