The Dish Behind YouTube Hits: Global YouTube Trends Explored

The Dish Behind YouTube Hits: Global YouTube Trends Explored


YouTube is without a doubt one of the most popular video platforms on the Internet, with more than 1 billion users worldwide as of April 2014. However, you may be surprised to learn that approximately 80% of all YouTube traffic actually comes from somewhere other than the United States of America, and around 60% of YouTube viewers do not use English as their first language. In fact, YouTube has actually been localised in 61 countries using 61 different languages.

In a new infographic titled ‘YouTube Around The World’ (Source: YouTube Download) exactly where these YouTube viewers come from is explored in greater detail. For example, the most avid YouTube viewers hail from Saudi Arabia where television is strictly regulated by the government. This means that young Saudi Arabians seek entertainment elsewhere with YouTube being the most popular choice.

It is also worth noting that the government in Saudi Arabia also regulate social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, but not YouTube, which could be why Saudi Arabian viewers account for over 90 million YouTube views every single day. Most of these views are relating to channels which focus on social comedy, and around half of these views come from mobile devices which is slightly higher than the global average of 40% mobile views.

While YouTube in Saudi Arabia is able to avoid much interference from external bodies, in Germany it’s a much different story. More than 60% of YouTube videos are actually blocked from German YouTube users.

This is because users are prevented from uploading music videos if the rights are held by GEMA – a musical royalties collecting body – by special filters installed by YouTube for this purpose. However, despite this ban Germany still tops the charts of the countries who view YouTube the most!

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