Why Both Brain Strategic Marketing Is Insane Brilliance

Why Both Brain Strategic Marketing Is Insane Brilliance


Marketing was once largely restrained to right brain types, but the delivery and function needs have and will continuously evolve into data and analytics. So much of analytics could be an enemy to innovation and with the right mix of balance we create the “both brain marketing syndrome”.

Modern day marketers are able to merge data and analytics with art and creativity, logic with imagination and fact with hyperbole.

Forget the steak and embrace the sizzle was a common argument. However, marketers will have to refocus with concerted efforts their strategies in these four ways:

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1. Be the radar, lead from the top

Most organisations need to have an inspiring vision of a both brain organisation. Major companies are now involving innovative approaches demanding brilliance, creative thinking and futuristic insights at the core of their strategies and campaigns.

Off course, this does not mean perfection but championing for post launch tests, expecting that creative content will be refined and based on data driven analysis from live feed from the market.

2.  Infuse both brain approaches into the cycle

Traditional marketing worked on a monotonous creative cycle limited by analytics. Futuristic progressive marketers are moving to shorter creative cycles punctuated by continuous testing, analysis and revision. The process produces engaged content, better targeting mechanisms, and much more result driven.

3.  Outline clear decision- making processes

It is so common in today’s marketing to come across analysis paralysis. This is pushing marketers to identify specific decisions that could benefit from analytical insights, clarify and evaluate criteria used to make decisions, and only then gather the needed data and perform the need analysis.

To avoid territorial wars, project leaders should assign clear roles to both analytic and creative for each of these key decisions. Keep in mind that the leaders need to model the both –brain sensibility as well.

4.  Cultivate both-brain skills with in depth training and incentives

This will require creating a talent pipeline where leaders will seek out, hire and promote both creative and analytical talent. Create a cross trained team on importance of both left and right brain skills. Build on the competencies of both brain team collaboration and once it works reward the individuals involved.

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