Your 2018 Marketing Trend Forecast: Tap In Or Tap Out

Your 2018 Marketing Trend Forecast: Tap In Or Tap Out


Customer connection remains a key focal point for next year. Predicting consumer critiques before they occur will have your brand on the cutting edge.  Your marketing budget will be well spent on finding innovative ways to personalise consumer experience. Interaction with your brand will stand out through surprising means.

Embrace the AI race

If you haven’t yet made peace with the increasingly pervasive role played by artificial intelligence, it’s about time you put your pride in your pocket and put it to work for you. AI is a surprisingly counterintuitive means to help you personalise your brand.

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AI will target your marketing messages with extremely sharp focus, relevance and accuracy. Algorithms know your consumers almost better than they know themselves. Cutting edge psychological research will help you effectively grab attention.

Don’t be content with average content

Stand out through generating engagement. Draw in your target audience with cleverly crafted content marketing that is expressed through visual mediums. Make sure you are the one to watch with a catchy viral video, or be overlooked.

Keep it human, relatable, and personalise your calls-to-action if you are serious about seeing results for your brand.

Respect the unexpected

The element of surprise is a powerful thing when it comes to being noticed. Go off the beaten track to generate buzz. Shock tactics, where appropriate, have immediate impact, are memorable, and boast the sought-after novelty factor.

Consumers have limited attention capacities which are being pulled in many directions and can become desensitised through constant connectivity.

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Face value

Having the right people on your side will help escalate your brand’s sphere of influence beyond product or service to holistic lifestyle. When target consumers identify with a spokesperson, their trust in your brand’s value add grows, and brand experience is personalised. This solidifies a loyal support base.

Give them what they want

With a wealth of customer information and current market research at your fingertips, there is no excuse for your brand to not be relevant. A product, service, solution or opportunity must offer an improvement for the consumer, effectively demonstrating brand concern for its customers. Put the customer first, and brand direction will fall into place.

Daniella Shapiro
Daniella Shapiro is Founder and CEO of, a consulting company on the front lines of marketing, social media and branding strategies. Breakthrough blurbIT™ platform content creator, Daniella is constantly innovating new ways of pioneering brand communications and creatively formed connections. Daniella recently launched the Oolala Collection Club, an E-commerce platform, which fuses high-end luxury beauty and lifestyle brands with affordability and accessibility. Soon to be hosting a number of Oolala takeovers, Daniella is no stranger to trending events. With a BA degree in Marketing Communications and an Honours Degree in Brand Leadership, Daniella owned and organised the Bonita's City2City Marathon for 3 years. Previously, a Co- Host on CliffCentral & contributor to PowerFM, Daniella has been featured on CNBC Africa, in Destiny Magazine's top 40 successful business women of the year 2015, in Entrepreneur Magazine and, is currently a regular expert contributor to the Entrepreneur Magazine Online platform. Website: