3 Must-Haves For Your Company Website

3 Must-Haves For Your Company Website


What elements are absolutely essential for my company website?

Gabriel Shaoolian, founder and CEO of digital agency Blue Fountain Media, offers the three must-dos for an effective website.

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1. State your message concisely

Shaoolian cites the example of Zappos, whose website promises “fast, free shipping.” Three words (how’s that for concise?) that define company values. “A lot of e-commerce sites are selling something, but you don’t know what’s different about them,” he says.

2. Provide a call to action

Your homepage should allow customers to take immediate steps — request a quote, inquire about a product, make a purchase.

3. Integrate social media

Put “share” buttons on content-rich pages. “You don’t share CNN’s website,” Shaoolian says.

“You share an article on CNN’s website. When CNN has a great article, I’m going to share that on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, whatever.”

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This article was originally posted here on Entrepreneur.com.