6 Facebook Marketing Tips To Help Grow Your Small Businesses

6 Facebook Marketing Tips To Help Grow Your Small Businesses


With over 1.13 billion daily active users as of June 2016, Facebook requires no introduction. Despite this, some small businesses and companies are sceptical about the uses of Facebook for growing their businesses.

Having a Facebook Marketing Strategy is essential to ensure you get the most from this social network by building relationships and providing valuable content that’s engaging.

It’s not all about the sale! Doing this will ensure that Facebook is a tool that will help provide you with business growth.

How to Grow Your Facebook Presence  

You may be asking how all this is achieved? Below are six tips to help you use Facebook to grow your business.

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1. Facebook Pages

When it comes to using Facebook for business, having a Facebook Page is a must and is your main starting point. It’s the equivalent of having a personal profile for your business and is the place where you can publish your content and engage with your followers.

There’s no cost to set up a page or post content which is good news for those small businesses with limited budget.

Your Facebook Page should be well thought out and attractive to visitors, following your brand style to ensure the correct tone of voice is used when communicating and that all the design elements are coherent with your other marketing channels such as your website.

2. Facebook Groups 


You need to think of Facebook Groups as a community hub, comparable to the office water cooler, as they provide a place for people to share information and ideas with like-minded people.

For some small businesses and entrepreneurs, depending on your business activity and focus, setting up a Facebook Group may be more beneficial than using a Facebook Page.

It’s a great way to gather a group of fans, encouraging them to post their own content and engage with each other. It’s also a valuable way to gather data and information on what people are talking about and what they really think. 

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3. Facebook Ads 

Facebook’s paid advertising platform is very much like any other paid online or offline advertising channel – a Facebook Ad is content that you pay to share with a targeted audience, helping you to get your product or service in front of the right people.

If small businesses use it correctly it can be highly effective and provide a great return on investment. Facebook Ads are proving to be leading the way in digital marketing paid strategies as when they are run well, the cost per click or impression can be easily driven down.

4. Your Audience

You should already have a good idea of who your target audience is. In the early days of your Facebook Marketing, you may not have a great deal of information about who is most likely to connect with you and engage on your posts, however the overall Facebook demographics and your own knowledge of your target audience is the best starting point. Make sure that the content you post is therefore relevant to your target audience.

Once you start building up content and gain a new audience on Facebook, you’ll be able to use Facebook Audience Insights to get a deeper understanding of your potential audience on Facebook.

Facebook is great at providing you with specific details on potential groups of users including their gender, age, relationship status, location, language and their Facebook usage. You’ll also be able to determine the times of the day and days of the week when you audience is most like to engage with you, smart hey?!

Most importantly, make sure you engage with your audience and respond to your followers. Marketing on a Social Network is a two-way street, there’s no point expecting people to engage with you if you never respond back. 

5. Content


When it comes to social media, content is king. However, content alone is not enough. To get the most out of your social media efforts, content and community need to co-exist.

To grow your business with Facebook, it is essential that you are constantly providing your following with both value and engagement. Good content can help you achieve that.

Keep an eye on what content is performing well and adjust your strategy to reflect this. Do people engage with written posts, or do they prefer images or even videos? Make sure that you are posting out the very best content to ensure that people will be motivated to engage with it and share it on.

Above all it’s important that your content on Facebook is not sales focussed. Facebook’s algorithm ensures that user’s feeds are filled with content that they are interested in and it’s now widely known that people don’t engage with sales pitch posts or Pages that continually post about their own products and services. Be useful and helpful to your audience, share information that helps solve problems, answers questions or will raise a smile.

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6. Discounts, Freebies and Contests

Providing your following with discounts is an excellent way of growing your following on the platform with one survey revealing that 40% of users join a page to gain a discount.

Everyone loves freebies! A recent study demonstrated that 36% of consumers will like a page on Facebook to receive a sample or a freebie. Providing your followers with samples or freebies is an excellent way of increasing the number of fans your page has, whilst also improving the way in which your business is perceived.

Contests are an excellent medium to grow your Facebook following and your business simultaneously. However, what is the difference between a freebie and a contest? A freebie is often a lower value item, in order to provide people with a taste of what they would be buying.

On the other hand, in a contest your followers have the chance to win something big. Contests work for many reasons but mainly they help you to grow your Facebook following organically.

These six simple yet effective tips can help you to quickly and easily grow both your Facebook presence and your business. However the key is to be part of the conversation on the platform. Too many companies and businesses merely use Facebook and social media as a vehicle for self-promotion.

Susan Dolan
Susan Dolan is a Google and social media expert from the UK. She had the privilege of living and working in Seattle in the US in 1999 where she witnessed the explosion of the World Wide Web and the birth of Google literally from the start. Over the years she’s provided a variety of services specialising in SEO and social media and now educates others speaking at numerous educational seminars. You can follow Susan on Twitter (@GoogleExpertUK) or visit her site at Seo Web Marketing.