6 Ways To Connect With Your Customers On Facebook

6 Ways To Connect With Your Customers On Facebook


Facebook is perhaps one of the worst kept secrets in online marketing.

Despite this, an astonishing number of companies don’t take full advantage of the opportunities that the platform provides.

Social media provides businesses and organisations with the opportunity to form deep and lasting connections with customers and clients.

Owing to the increasingly high levels of competition, ads and pleas for people to like your content no longer cut the mustard.

We are pleased to bring you a collection of innovative tricks to enable you to use Facebook more effectively.

1. Offer discounts and promotion codes

Posting discounts and promotion codes via Facebook is an excellent way of keeping in touch with your customers. However, in order to keep them coming back for more, put a cap on the code to a limited number of people. This makes it more likely that people will return to your page in future to find out when the next one has been posted.

2. Interact in a private community

Invite your customers to interact in a private community. This allows them to interact with you and other customers via Facebook. This forum enables them to share stories with each other and provides a medium where they can seek help, should they need it.

3. Share stories

Sharing stories with your Facebook based following is an excellent way to build trust and reliability. Ensure that your company shares stories and pictures regarding events, charitable donations and contributions and daily activities.

4. Place the spotlight on others

Use your Facebook page as a platform to cross promote your partners and to also highlight your customers.

Reports have demonstrated that when Facebook business pages place other people and their friends in the spotlight, as opposed to the brand and its employees, people become more excited and engage on a deeper level with these pages.

5. Post video stories

It has been consistently proven that video posts on Facebook provide a greater chance of user comments, shares and ‘likes’.

Therefore it is a good idea to post a weekly video update which keeps your customers up to speed on your products, services and achievements.

Remember, that as well as talking about your products and company, to talk about the industry which you are in as well. Your customers are sure to keep coming back if you provide them with evidence that you are an authority in your field.

6. Post content unrelated to your business

The main purpose of a Facebook page is to communicate company information to your following. Despite this, there is no reason that you can’t make your page fun.

Posting completely unrelated videos and pictures provides a deeper understanding of your following than posting yet another promotional post. Also, it enables customers to develop a deeper connection to your brand by showing them your lighter side.

Unfortunately, a large number of companies have a Facebook page that provides no real value to those who follow it.

Not even your most ardent fans will want to hear about your business continuously. The majority of these individuals want to be entertained and engaged.

Most importantly, however, they want to be able to connect with the companies which they follow.

What better way to make your following feel connected than to post content which directly appeals to them? This way they will have fun whilst developing deeper ties to your company, which is the purpose of social media after all.

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Susan Dolan
Susan Dolan is a Google and social media expert from the UK. She had the privilege of living and working in Seattle in the US in 1999 where she witnessed the explosion of the World Wide Web and the birth of Google literally from the start. Over the years she’s provided a variety of services specialising in SEO and social media and now educates others speaking at numerous educational seminars. You can follow Susan on Twitter (@GoogleExpertUK) or visit her site at Seo Web Marketing.