8 Simple Steps To Create A LinkedIn Business Page

8 Simple Steps To Create A LinkedIn Business Page

LinkedIn Business Page

LinkedIn is an extremely useful social media network for businesses, recruiters and networking. LinkedIn can be used as an effective tool to enhance promotion, marketing campaigns and strategies.

Many people, especially owners of small businesses, question whether they need to be on LinkedIn. However, regardless of the size of your business you need to be wherever your potential clients may be. It is guaranteed that at least some of your existing clients and customers will already be on LinkedIn. As part of any social commerce campaign, LinkedIn is an essential component.

To set up a LinkedIn company page, you will need an existing email address with your company domain to register. It is also important that this email is then listed on your LinkedIn profile page. Once these initial requirements are met you can begin to build up your page.

Simple Instructions to Set Up a Compelling LinkedIn Page for Your Business

1Build Your Company Page

Once you have logged into your profile, select the “Interests” then the “Companies” option from the navigation bar. From here click the yellow “Create” button from the top right hand corner of the page.

Once on the “Create a Company” page, you will be asked to submit both the company name and your email address at the company, as previously mentioned it essential to enter a valid email address. Once this has been submitted you are ready to begin adding information about your company.

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2Enter Your Company Information

When creating your business page, it is essential to start with the basics. Start by providing and entering all of the basic information about your company. This should include company name, description, your company’s website URL, specialties, products/services, industry, type, date founded, and your headquarter address.

3SEO Your Page


A LinkedIn business page is another area where the use of relevant keywords and phrases is essential. When adding the information for your company description, specialties, products and services, make sure to use the keywords and phrases that best represent your business.

It is also important to make sure that these keywords and phrases are the same as the ones which you use on your company’s website. It may be worth looking at what keywords and phrases your direct competitors are using and adapt yours accordingly.

4Add Your Visuals

The brand logo is an essential part of any company. In many ways, it summarises your identity so it’s essential that your company brand is included on your LinkedIn page. LinkedIn asks that two logos are submitted for company pages, a square logo and a normal logo. The square logo (300 pixels x 300 pixels) will be used to represent your company whenever you post content.

Your banner image (642 pixels x 220 pixels) is a valuable way to inform visitors to your page about your company in more detail than what your logo provides. It is important that your cover image is engaging; an engaging banner image should inform and support the existing company identity.

Remember that your company information is included at the bottom of the page. Therefore, to engage visitors it is a good idea to include a short message about what your company is or does in the cover picture area.

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5Adding Your Specialties


The Specialities section is the place where you will best advertise your products and services on your page. In order to use this well you should treat it as a virtual catalogue for both your company and its products. To be successful it is important your write an engaging description of your services which will appeal to potential clients.

When submitting this information, consider the following questions:

  • What services or products do I provide?
  • What is the unique selling point of my company or product?
  • Is my company unique within the relevant industry in either the service or product which it provides?

Make sure to inform your audience of your businesses assets! Make sure to place your most successful or best selling service or product first.

6Add Your Career Information

The “Careers” section provides a forum where you can inform visitors of current openings and vacancies within your company. With a standard profile, you can list careers for free, however if you upgrade your page to either gold or silver membership, you can include videos and images as well as the standard text description.

7Use Your Employees as Spokespeople for Your Brand

When setting up your company LinkedIn page, you should also ask your employees to set up LinkedIn profiles too. Link the profiles of your employees with your company page, listing you as their employer.

By being directly associated to your company page your employees will become spokespeople and ambassadors for your brand. Encourage all of your employees to take the time in order to fill out their profiles completely. When employees have listed your company page as their employer, their profiles will be presented in the top right hand corner of your page.

This will provide all visitors to your page with accurate information on both the amount and the talents of your employees. This feature also informs potential employees of who they will be working with.

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8Enable Your Employees to be Administrators for Your Page

Select a core group of key employees and set them up as administrators for your page. When making this selection, think about who you want to be able to edit and add content into your LinkedIn page.

Make sure to use the employees that best reflect your company’s ethos and culture. Employees who have administrator access to your other platforms will most likely require administrator access to your LinkedIn business page also.

And finally, get to work

When you have finished submitting all the required information into your LinkedIn company page, it’s then time to begin adding content into the platform. When submitting content through your LinkedIn company page, make sure that it is always relevant, engaging and sharable.

Susan Dolan
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