Build Client Relationships

Build Client Relationships


Consumers want more than content online — they want to make a human connection. This means it’s no longer enough to push information out to your audience. ‘Social consumers’ are ready to engage with their favourite businesses and non-profits.

The question is: are you ready to engage with them? Customers want to know you care about them as well as their business. They want to make a connection. And as marketers and business people, everything we do — online and offline — comes down to making these meaningful connections with our customers.

While consumers generally are showing a desire to engage with businesses online, they are also more discerning about which businesses deserve their time, attention and patronage. So how can you engage the busy social consumer and make that important human connection?

Make a two-way connection

Everybody has an opinion. And most people like to share their opinion with others, including businesses. Here are three ways to get an engaging conversation with your customers started:

1. Ask your customers for their input

Post a survey, poll or open-ended question on Facebook asking customers to identify their biggest challenge or most pressing concern related to your business or cause in 2011. Report back to your audience on the results and use them to spur other conversations.

2. Start a conversation

Send out a thought-provoking question related to your industry on Twitter. Make it something people care about — an interesting trend, results of a study, a surprising report or something in the news. Link back to more info on your website, blog or Facebook page. Use a Twitter hashtag, which marks keywords or topics in tweets, to keep track of the conversation.

3. Be open to communication

Weave the results of your social conversations with customers into your content, across media channels. Good conversations seed good content, and vice versa. Write about things that people will want to talk about and share on their social networks.

Social consumers want to engage and interact with businesses in two-way conversation. Be sure that once you start a discussion, you’re present to monitor and participate in it. When a topic catches fire and gets people gabbing, jump in and fan the flames to keep the chatter going.


It’s about finding out what resonates with and engages your audience. Do some experimenting to determine what sticks. What you share and how you share it is up to you.

Gail Goodman
A small business expert and visionary, Gail has revolutionized the way that small businesses and organizations can effectively and affordably communicate with their customers, clients and members.