Creating Social Experiences for Clients

Creating Social Experiences for Clients


Social Business is transforming the way we do business. It is fast becoming the cornerstone that connects people, process and technology both internally and externally to the enterprise. People do business with people, and social is all about the people.

Social is also about knowledge sharing. Knowledge Management has been around for more than a decade and the debate it still out on whether it works or not? Social Knowledge Management is driven by community, conversation and content. The technology enabler harnesses, collects and creates transparency of the tacit conversations that are shared, surfacing them through connected channels for consumption.

Enabling a social experience for people adds an energised dimension to how we do business. An engaged business is ultimately, a healthy one. Becoming a social business requires a cultural shift that it is journey of business transformation. A transformation that is both diverse and complex because at the heart of the change, are people. For many companies today, this is the most challenging.  For people to buy in, participate, mobilise and embrace the social experience, opens up a world of possibilities for that person and organisation. Here are my key takeaways to inspire, embrace the social experience.

1.Embrace the Idea of Social

A social business is one that embraces and cultivates an organisations spirit of collaboration, independence and community. Don’t be afraid to be the first follower! To follow is to lead.

2.Shape the Culture to Frame Social

Remove the boundaries and red tape and throw them out the window. Transparency of information, experts and assets will help shape and encourage people to align, come together and drive business results. Gather exciting people for an exciting journey. Participation is your call to action. Slow and steady wins the race and persistence is fundamental.

3.Encourage Your Circle

Communicate and connect with likeminded people. Select popular thought leaders, subject matter experts and enthusiasts and get them, connected, engaged and involved. They are your core community that will influence a larger network of people. Keep the process informal, voluntary, transparent and emergent. Remember it is supposed to be fun!

4.Content is King

Build rich, relevant, rewarding, value based content that helps the community in productive, efficient ways of working and stimulates innovative thinking. Challenge out of the box thinking. Create meaningful networks of conversation and contribute, consume, converse and create again.

5.Continue the Conversation

Good conversation is engaging. Great conversation is enriching. Continuing to enhance the conversation is key. Think of ideas and contributions that add value. Nurture the conversation. Drive the conversation to a higher level of discussion and sharing to extract maximum knowledge value.

Social Business, mass collaboration, knowledge sharing and community engagement has become ingrained into the fabric of our society. Within the enterprise the intranet is starting to reflect our collective social engagement. Knowledge is the competitive advantage.

Implementing an enterprise social business strategy represents new, diverse and exciting opportunities for many organisations. Coupling the social business strategy with knowledge management fundamentals is a definite game changer.

The enterprise that embarks on the social business journey strengthens the organisations core and gains a competitive advantage by embracing, engaging and enhancing the connections, conversations, knowledge transfer and social learning between people.

I challenge you to ask yourself these questions?

  • Do you know what your organisation knows?
  • Do you have globally distributed teams?
  • Do you encounter barriers to innovation, productivity and operational excellence?
  • Do you experience bottlenecks, slow decision and communication processes?
  • Know how to find your subject matter experts in the blink of an eye?
  • Does your knowledge walk out the door when people leave?

62% of enterprises stated that social business is significant to their overall success.  (Reference: 2011,AIIM).

Now is the time to harness simple, smart, social technology to enable a social business strategy. Can you afford to be left without a social business voice?

Claudia Correia De Araujo
Claudia Correia De Araujo is a SSSP within Services at Microsoft South Africa. With 16 years experience with knowledge management solutions, Claudia challenges the status quo and takes the lead by advocating change and championing bold ideas that unlock business value and ultimately drive return of investments for stakeholders. Follow her on twitter @Collaboratrix