(Infographic) The Value of Digital Coupons

(Infographic) The Value of Digital Coupons


Did you know that the first coupon was made in 1887? A hand-written ticket redeemable for a free glass of Coca-Cola. Ever since, coupons have been a cornerstone of the marketing and digital world, and a vital tool for brands in every industry imaginable.

Today, Internet and mobile technology have hailed in a new era of coupons. Online voucher sites such as Vouchercloud have revived this timeless instrument of consumer outreach, making it more popular (and more effective) than ever before.

The benefits of digital coupons

There are many benefits for brands that look to invest in digital coupons. The rise of digital coupons enables customers to return more frequently, they also attract a new customer base, they enable promotions for new products, and show goodwill through customer loyalty rewards.

As seen in the data graphic on The Value of Coupons in Digital Campaigns below, the rise of digital coupons provides value to brands, which is crucial when you can see that in 2013 alone 66 million digital coupons were used.

If your new business or small company simply can’t afford to squander precious marketing resources, then you may want to think about investing in digital coupons.

Learn all about consumer habits in the data graphic below; 92% of consumers were using coupons in 2013. You can also find out about the most effective types of coupons and the best platforms for getting them into the hands of consumers.

Improving your customer engagement rewards and social media marketing can make all the difference in how your company leaps to success.

The Rise of Digital Coupons_Digital Marketing and Coupons_Infographic

Data graphic produced by the Vouchercloud coupons online team.

Sydney works on the vouchercloud.net coupon site and is experienced in digital marketing and social media campaigns. She is currently working across multiple accounts at Vouchercloud and specialises in product development.