Learning to Be Social

Learning to Be Social


Social media is all about, well, being social.  The platform was developed to interact (again and more frequently) with the people around us as we live in a more-and-more isolated environment.

As this media evolved and took the shape of groups, chats, instant messaging, professional contacts and job portals, some of the pioneers in ‘social for corporates’ have, it would seem, missed the point.

We are bombarded by a myriad of marketing messages daily.  Emails take the average user approximately 2,7seconds to analyse and assess whether or not it will be opened, read, or instantly deleted.  Ad breaks on television are almost longer than the program itself and almost every website you enter has flashing advertising banners screaming for you to hear their message.

What we want, more than anything, is to be human.  We want to have people (and companies) to interact with us in such a way that it is kept fun, inspirational and even emotional.  We want to be respected for our likes and interests – not some marketing faux.

Direct marketing used to know us by name – social media allows companies to ‘know’ us for us.

Getting a company or brand liked by nations on a social space, is certainly then not a marketing message.  It is an interaction.  A care.  Based on the knowledge gained by constant interaction with the ‘we’ following your company or brand.

Social media is a platform, thus, not for marketing products or services per se, but to be and remain social with the people who care about your brand as much as you do… People who believe in your ethos, trust you, and know that your brand development would mean the development of self.

Lechelle de Vries
Lechelle de Vries started with marketing in retail in 2002, and then went on to work with Dell Marketing in Ireland in 2005, gaining valuable international experience in marketing strategies and global execution. Upon return, she worked with a then graphic design company, and assisted in the expansion of the company into becoming a complete direct marketing agency, pioneering variable data printing and image personalisation in SA for companies such as FNB Credit Card, Diner’s Club, Mini Cooper and Neotel (launch). She now heads up sales and marketing at SAbest, and forms part of the judging panel at the DMASA (Direct Marketing Association SA) for their annual Assegai Awards. Visit http://www.sabest.biz for more information