Right Here. Right Now. How Marketing Is Evolving

Right Here. Right Now. How Marketing Is Evolving


Brace yourselves. A new tide’s come in for social media producers. Brands like Allure and Hyatt have shown a savvy enthusiasm for streaming content and real-time conversations with followers.

Live feeds, VR and instant messaging feedback are at the epicentre of 2017’s trend whirlwind.

As an avid follower of your favourite brands’ online presence, you’ll want to stay informed.

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Here’s a closer look at one of the leading consumer engagement trends for 2017:

Full immersion: VR is hard at work creating engaging 360° consumer experiences. An excellent example of this, relatively new marketing tool, is Amarula’s virtual tour of the lush African landscape.

Experience the virtual tour below (Put your headphones on full immerse yourself):

This innovation was a first for South Africa’s alcoholic beverages’ industry. Global GM Dino D’Araujo, was thrilled by the medium’s ability to boost lagging sales in emerging markets.

“Virtual reality is a phenomenal way to transport people to a different place, to experience Africa’s inspiration and beauty.”

The product tie-back is hard to miss. Relishers of the cream liqueur swear by its epithet: A taste of Africa. “If, after experiencing Africa in 3D, consumers are unable to make the trip to the continent, the best way to experience Africa is to taste it, with a tall glass of Amarula.” The brand also pulls hard on the heartstrings by tapping into its conservational heritage. The VR tour reinforces the Amarula Trust’s mission to protect Kenya’s elephants from poaching.

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VR tours on the tundra, wildlife and what else? We’re just warming up. Keep up to date on the latest social media marketing trends and stay ahead of the tide.

Daniella Shapiro
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