Snapchat Is The New Shakespeare

Snapchat Is The New Shakespeare



It’s funky, it’s hip, it’s cool. Basically, it’s everything you want your business and brand to be. Cutting edge digital technology and sophisticated, on-the-pulse, styling com-skills. Snap to it and get snapping.


Everybody’s doing it, that’s why. And no, this isn’t a situation of sheep jumping off a cliff. This is an ultra-smart way of being yourself and putting it out there, in a flash – here now, gone tomorrow.

Self-deleting posts take away the pressure of permanence. Millennials love this way of embracing the ephemeral. Use filters, effects, drawings to add extra expression to moments of magic.

Taking screenshots of other people’s snaps is against Snapchat etiquette – how cool is that?

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Contemporary tempo

The age of AI is upon us. Use it. Don’t let life pass you by. Snap up the opportunities to connect with people and make the most of what your business and brand has to offer.

Allow technology to give your business a hip and happening human edge. Humour is cool. Be seen to be there, or be a ghost. The symbol for Snapchat is ironically a ghost. The app was originally slated to be called Peekaboo.

Sneak peeks

Invite the consumer in to see how your business works. Snaps from employees checking in gives business a human face.

Popping into people’s consciousness with image info bursts reminds them that you exist and are out there living life and making things happen. Snap from the office party to show employee bonding.

Snap from the office leadership course to show how you are pushing yourselves to be better and make your brand better.

Check in with exciting upcoming product launches and goals for your brand that the consumer can look forward to. Snap about personal experiences with a product. Invite consumers to snap about their experiences and give feedback.

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Y + Snap = U

There is no formula. Do it your way. Once you get the hang of it you’ll be hooked and so will your followers. Have no fear of judgement or failure because there is no such thing when it comes to snapping. There is only the moment and what you have to share. Then move on to the next one. And the next.

Snap Happy

Connectivity is important for our sense of well-being as humans are inherently social creatures. Make consumers feel like they are part of it as you create a buzz around a new product. Build up curiosity and anticipation.

Share behind the scenes snaps and involve consumers in your company’s processes to make them feel involved in the stages of your brand. Celebrate company milestones and snap about it; make customers feel VIP when you snap about product launches.

Give yourself, customers and your brand a sense of development and continuity.

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Want to know how to win friends and influence people?

Snapchat is #representing.

Daniella Shapiro
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