How to Start Your Website With Just R80

How to Start Your Website With Just R80


A significant obstacle preventing the realisation of entrepreneurial dreams has come tumbling down this week with the launch of an R80 widget-based website builder by

According to, many start-ups are so hard-up for cash that they are financed using their founders’ personal credit cards.

“When you’re trying to get a great idea off the ground using expensive short term credit that’s still available while you’re somebody else’s employee, it’s near impossible to put several thousand rand on your credit card just to pay a website designer,” says Wayne Diamond, managing director of DiaMatrix, holding company of

 When financing is the biggest hurdle

Access to funding is the fallback answer usually listed as the top challenge facing start-ups, with the growing phenomenon of online crowd-funding via websites such as increasingly posed as a solution.

“Without a website, the prospective entrepreneur cannot even tap into the most basic of funding avenues – virtual and real world funders still prefer some proof of concept that exists online. And few prospective entrepreneurs still in full-time employment can afford to pay a website designer upwards of R5 000.

A further challenge, explains Diamond, is that entrepreneurs are usually big picture people with great ideas, but perhaps not the nuts and bolt knowledge to make their visions reality.

“Site Builder from is affordable to any prospective entrepreneur with R80 a month to spend on website design, while also being widget-based which means site construction is as simple as clicking on icons and moving them around the screen.”

Just this week, the respected Huffington Post suggested that affordable web hosting and free blogging platforms created a technological “zero barrier to entry” and “made entrepreneurship accessible to anyone”. Not so, says Mr Diamond. “Few commentators understand just what a big thing it is for a start-up to get that first great idea looking good on the web.”

He adds that Site Builder from completes the loop. After coming up with that game-changing idea, the would-be entrepreneur will typically register a compelling domain name, but then what?

Site Builder takes care of the ‘then what?’

“Anyone – whether a non-profit, start-up, entrepreneur, home-based business, a retail establishment or a school – can now register their domain on and have a website they built themselves, at little cost, up and online in 15 minutes if you have already created content for it.

A further bonus for entrepreneurs is that Site Builder includes an email address and hosting fees which means that new business launch needn’t go over budget,” says Diamond.

About Site Builder

This ease-of-use primarily comes from the use of widgets. A widget is an app for websites that allows for more advanced functionality. Site Builder has over 35 different widgets that can each add a specific function to your website.

These widgets include a photo gallery, photobook, external videos, social media feeds, contact form, guestbook, reservation and e-commerce. The widget, for example, means entrepreneurs can have a full e-commerce enabled website with local and international payment gateways, and courier services.

The best thing about Site Builder is that you can add pages as you go along and, because you do all the work, you do not have to pay a designer or developer every time you want to add a photograph or run a special,”concludes Diamond.

Ivan Booth
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