There’s An App For That

There’s An App For That


1. Latest Sightings


  • Creator: Nadav Ossendryver
  • Created: 2012
  • Website:
  • Problem: Finding animals in a game park is hard.
  • Solution: Create a platform that allows wildlife fans to share their latest sightings.

The aim of game viewing is, well, to view game. Unfortunately, the wildlife doesn’t always seem to realise this, which can result in frustrating game drives that leave you with nothing but drab images of grazing impala.

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At only 15 years of age, Nadav Ossendryver came up with the solution of creating an app that allowed Kruger Park visitors to share their sightings with others. Despite knowing very little about coding (practically nothing, really), he Googled and Youtubed enough to cobble together a simple app that allowed wildlife enthusiasts to quickly discover where those elusive and retiring animals were.

Want to see a leopard or a wild dog? Now you could see where they had recently been spotted, which meant you had a much better chance of spotting them. Unsurprisingly, researchers have adopted the app to track the movement of elusive species.

Latest-Sightings-appThe app has undergone significant development since that original MVP. It is now a far more refined piece of software that offers important functionality, such as being able to upload a sighting even if you have no cellphone reception. After all, game reserves are not renowned for their level of cellphone coverage, so an app needs to be able to work offline and upload once it finds a signal.

Latest Sightings has also expanded to include a video service (in fact, it has the most views of any YouTube channel in South Africa). People can upload videos and earn money based on the popularity of the video.

Ossendryver has made exceptional use of Twitter, and more recently Instagram, to promote the app. In the early days, he would track popular hashtags and use these to market the app.

2. Kardiofit


  • Creator: Dr Riaz Motara
  • Created: 2015
  • Website:
  • Problem: High blood pressure is incredibly dangerous if not dealt with properly.
  • Solution: Create an app that tracks a patient’s blood pressure for his or her doctor, and dispatches emergency services in the case of an emergency.

As an experienced cardiologist, Dr Riaz Motara was acutely aware of the fact that South Africa has a massive problem: According to the World Health Organisation, its citizens have the highest blood pressure in the world.

“This issue really troubled me,” says Motara. “The majority of our people have access to clinics, so this isn’t where the problem lies. I realised that the problem presents itself once you get to aftercare, when the patient goes home. A patient only sees their doctor once a year or so, and the rest of the time their blood pressure goes unchecked.”

Kardiofit-appHome blood pressure monitors existed, but these weren’t sufficient. “Having information is one thing, knowing what that information really means is quite another. I realised that it’s not just about patients checking their blood pressure, but about doctors gaining access to that information.”

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So Motara set about creating an app that could monitor a patient’s blood pressure and email a monthly report to their physician. In addition, the app can notify ER24 if a patient’s blood pressure is dangerously high.

The app is free (as is an iHealth blood-pressure monitor), but there is a monthly subscription fee. A second app aimed specifically at physicians — called Kardio Pro — is in the works.

Motara assembled a local team to build and manage the brand, but the app was developed by a UK company.

“I don’t know anything about coding, so I decided to hire a developer. I had a contact in the UK, so the app was developed there,” says Motara.

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