Top Tips To Sway Your Customers On Snapchat

Top Tips To Sway Your Customers On Snapchat


Audience engagement is goals when it comes to snapping for your brand. Here are some tips to maximise your outreach when using Snapchat for business to help grow your brand.

Customise to reach customers

What you want to do is customise your Snapchat offering via a personalised Snapcode which will have a custom image. Download your Snapcode and vamp it up with photo-editing tools. The alterable area is within the white ghost, not the black dots and yellow background which is the scannable code.

You can then go on to use your custom Snapcode to print out scannables like stickers! This can help promote your brand during events and increase following.

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Get friendly

Create a shareable custom URL link so that people can easily add you automatically. Drag down on the camera view, click on ‘add friends’ and then ‘share username’. This link you create will allow people to add you. Share your Snapchat URL on your other social media platforms too.

Joining the Ghostcodes app will further promote your Snapchat account which is linked to your brand. You get ranked here with ‘Kudos’, which is similar to a ‘like’.

Customer supportive


2016 Snapchat updates mean making and receiving calls is much easier. So why not use voice and video calls for customer support. Host open chats with Snapchat followers offering product recommendations, and providing a platform for feedback. To do this you will need the most current version of Snapchat.

Simply tapping the video or phone icon begins the call. You can also leave voice or video notes up to 10 seconds long. Hold down on the phone or video icon to record and once you lift your finger the recording stops. It will send immediately.

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Collaborative content

Snapchat Memories allows you to save Snaps or Stories in the cloud, so you can save screenshots of what friends have sent you for later, and create new stories featuring what followers have sent you.

The Our Story feature lets people in the same place add snaps to a continuous story. This is great for an ongoing campaign.

Snapchat campaigns

You can build your brand by using Geofilters, which are Snapchat Overlays associated with a certain location. Promote an event or grow awareness surrounding your brand.

Remember, posting regularly helps increase engagement. If you post video content at the same time each week, you can develop a TV series of sketch videos which will greatly boost your views.

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Try a takeover for a fun collaboration with an industry influencer who will bring their follower base to your brand. Do some planning and be on the same page to ensure it’s a success.

Snapchat exclusive offers are another way to encourage your audience. Snapchat only promo codes should do the trick.

Don’t be shy to experiment. Snapchat is highly versatile and as with anything, it takes time to become an advanced user. Grow with Snapchat and grow your brand.

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