Why Are Search Engines Important?

Why Are Search Engines Important?


The Internet as a business arena has rapidly grown over the last decade and if your business isn’t online then you’re missing out on a lucrative market. However, there’s more to having an online presence than simply creating a website. You must also ensure that your website can easily be found by potential customers. And this is where search engines come in.

Search engines were developed to make it convenient for internet users to find information, products, businesses and services online, and if search engines are unable to find your website, or they decide that your website isn’t relevant to what users are searching for, then your website won’t benefit your business.

How do search engines work?

Very simply, search engines read and record websites’ information and use it to “understand” the meaning and value of each website.

When a user searches a specific phrase, “cheap used cars” for example, search engines produce a list of web pages that are deemed relevant to this particular search. The results on this list are ranked in order of perceived relevance to the searched phrase. Users tend to trust search engines and often click on the number one result first. If the right information can’t be found on that website, users will choose a website that’s slightly lower on the list. If your website is placed on the first page of results, it’s likely to attract many visitors. However, if it isn’t anywhere on the first three pages, it’s likely to receive few, if any, visitors via search engines.

How does SEO increase a website’s visibility on search engines?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of adapting your website to make search engines think that it’s more relevant to users’ searches than other websites, thereby increasing its position on results pages and increasing your website’s visibility. There are many actions that can be taken to improve search engines’ opinion of your site, including creating description tags, increasing keyword density and improving your site’s usability.

By implementing the abovementioned actions or hiring professional SEO analysts to do it for you, you can significantly increase your online visibility and benefit from the increasing numbers of online consumers.

Matthew Green
Matthew Green is an SEO copywriter at Purple Cow Communications, a digital advertising agency and internet business consultancy.
  • Haroun Kola

    These days Search Engine Marketing may be more appropriate to getting found by potential customers than Search Engine Optimising, and the great thing is that Google is offering R500 vouchers to South African businesses to get started in that, so check out all the places that you can get a voucher.

    Contact me if you can’t find any 🙂