Your 4-Part Formula For Creating Killer Content Marketing Videos

Your 4-Part Formula For Creating Killer Content Marketing Videos


Whether you are a smart start-up or established business owner, video is the most power marketing tool the industry has used to date.

It doesn’t matter what stage, country, or industry I’m teaching in, several entrepreneurs are making the same mistakes that  hinder their success marketing through video.

Clarity creates confidence and clarity comes from through education and understanding. It’s just like when you learnt to drive a stick shift car; mirror, signal, manoeuvre, it all seemed too complicated but once you have the formula and some practice, you don’t need to think about it as it becomes auto pilot.

So, what makes a great converting marketing video? Here is my four-part formula to create killer content videos for your business.


Like anything in business, you must have a vision of the result before you start. This is often called pre-production in the film world. The more you define the vision, the less time and money you will waste.

Not all videos are created equal so choosing a goal for each video is essential. Maybe you want to create some good will content, vlog, or a sales video. You will also need to think about what social media you are wanting to market on.

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Each platform has its limits on the length of video content, for example Snapchat would be 10 secs, Instagram 60 secs and Facebook allows much more. However, less is more when it comes to video content. Try and keep it short and to the point.2


Using organic script writing while incorporating storytelling is a winning factor. For sales videos, I always have a script, but I like to link stories into those scripts. The stories need to add value to the content.

Storytelling is great for connecting the actor to the script so for us entrepreneurs we must open-up a little and show some personality. People buy people at the end of the day, not your product or service.

3Film making

Unfortunately, you are judged by the quality of your product or service. If you are going to venture into video marketing, make sure the quality level matches your current brand level.

Well exposed, steady frame and clean audio are a must have. There isn’t an excuse not to produce professional video quality anymore now we all have incredible smartphones in our pockets.

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Finally, this is the most important part to the formula. This is where a large percentage of entrepreneurs fail. You can have the best quality video and a great script, but still your video doesn’t convert well. You need to learn to connect not just communicate.

The five second subconscious rule stands true. You have five seconds even before you speak where a viewer will decide if they like you and continue to watch. It’s human nature to judge, so this is the area to study and develop some new tools for your arsenal.

Tonality, gestures, and body language comes into play. Keep your tone fresh and upbeat, watch your hand gestures and finally make sure you have positive, open body language so you connect not just communicate with your viewers.

Victoria Grech
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