4 Ways That Tech Can Help Squeeze More Hours Into The Day

4 Ways That Tech Can Help Squeeze More Hours Into The Day


It’s your typical day at the office. It starts at 8am when you sit down with that first cup of coffee. You hope to work on some meaty stuff like strategic planning, ideas for that big project, a thorough review of your staffing needs for next quarter – the kind of long-term thinking that helps your business grow. But before your coffee’s done, it starts:

Urgent phone calls from clients, personnel crises, last-minute meetings, stacks of documents, cheques and paperwork that need your approval or signature. Suddenly, it’s 7pm, and all you’ve done is put out fires.

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Here’s how tech can make tomorrow different.

Streamlining your business technology can make life less of a headache for everyone. So here are four ways you can make tomorrow different.

1. Serve it up

A server can act as a digital filing cabinet for your growing piles of documents. Compared to daisy chaining several PCs, servers give you more reliability and improve your business processes.

Another bonus: By keeping important documents on a central server, it’s easier to back up all your important documents daily.

2. Phone it in

Are you wasting time running between voice mail on your cell and office phones? VoIP systems offer a great deal of personalisation and features for a good price.

Voice mails, for example, can be handled just like attachments — clicked, dragged, dropped and passed along. These systems are fairly new, but they’re getting more popular and more reliable every day.

3. Take it online

If you’ve taken the leap of setting up an accounting package to handle your bills, take the extra step of automating the process. See if your accounting software can automatically generate invoices as well as email reminders for late payments.

4. Hit the web

Your website is a potential client’s main access point to your business. Don’t worry as much about fancy graphics as making sure visitors can get the information they need.

An online FAQ list can cut down on the time clients spend calling with basic questions and prevent a frustrated client from going elsewhere. You don’t have to be a techno-whiz to set up a good website. Many web hosting companies can provide reliable websites for relatively low cost.

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Chris Penttila is a Washington, DC-based freelance journalist who covers workplace issues on her blog, Workplacediva.blogspot.com.