5 Strategies to an Uncluttered Mind

5 Strategies to an Uncluttered Mind


Both physical and mental clutterare equal culprits to getting you stuck in the middle of all your daily responsibilities. Physical clutter is when you can’t find your keys as you screech out the front door in the morning, trip over a pile of laundry or find yourself buried under a mountain of paper, while mental clutter includes the myriad of thoughts, ideas, promises, unfinished tasks, guilt, blame and the like that swim around your brain tricking you into inaction.

No matter how you look at it, mental clutter affects your wellbeing. In acute cases it can affect you physically, literally making you ill. At minimum, it’s a source of stress and frustration.

1) Get a notebook

Unless you’re using an electronic task manager, use a notebook for ALL of your to do lists, thoughts and notes. No more post-it’s, scraps of paper or using the back of an envelope to write down scraps of information. While we realise that there might not be the perfect notebook for everyone out there, choose the one you like the best and work exclusively with this one.

Tip: Left ring bound and lined books work best for most our clients.

2) Tie up the loose ends

If you have lots of things on your list with many of them started but not yet completed, set deadlines, delegate or move on to number 3 if the value of completing the task is not motivating enough to get you going.

3) Say NO to anything that’s not working

Regardless if it’s a system or a friendship, if it’s toxic, it’s time for a change.

4) Schedule time to plan

So much time is wasted on tasks that are of low value or no value, leaving you with little or no time for the things that are really important. Make time daily and weekly to prioritise and plan.

5) Move

If you are struggling to move forward mentally, then try focusing first on moving forward physically. Studies show that taking a short break after every 20-45 minutes of input increases your productivity. Find time to exercise as this also helps clear the mind and improves your physical wellbeing at the same time.

Tracey Foulkes
Tracey Foulkes wows audiences with her sharp wit, quick reactions and personable sense of humour. She speaks about procrastination, business productivity, personal motivation and time management. . If you want your team to be inspired to operate outside of the box, contact her for a complimentary productivity assessment, email tracey@getorganised.co or find her on Twitter as Tracey Foulkes or on LinkedIn as Tracey Foulkes.