Get Organised in 2012

Get Organised in 2012


Ten, nine, eight …. HAPPY NEW YEAR. It’s that time of the year again, an opportunity to reassess, to look back at the year that was while looking forward to the one that will be. You’re pressured, and with your head still spinning from the festivities you have no doubt been asked (well at least once) about your resolutions. The cynic in you professes not to make another resolution ever again because you never seem to get them crossed off your ever expanding list. Your better judgment encourages you to make a plan – take a plunge – this year will be different.

Following through on resolutions

Resolution is about intension. Intension is about living life on purpose with purpose. It’s about dreaming without restriction and then planning on how that dream is going to come true. New Year is a good time to dream but really it is something that we should be doing all year round.

  • So spend a moment to review the year that has just passed and evaluate if you have achieved all you have set out to do.  Decide if there are projects you still need to finish, delegate or abandon so that you can move on guilt free.
  • Now choose two things that you would like to change in the New Year.  Write these down as goals, laminate them and place them where the whole team can see them (this helps with accountability). By creating a visual image/representation of these goals you will be more inclined to achieve them.
  • Energy stagnates where clutter accumulates and likewise, clutter accumulates where energy stagnates. So if you have been building up the clutter for far too long now make an effort to purge and simplify. Choose one area to get going, set the clock and dive in. You will be taking a huge step towards a clutter free future and opening up time and energy to reach your goals.
  • Make a decision to make decisions! When we condition ourselves to make immediate decisions we prevent things from building up and becoming overwhelming. Procrastination is the thief of time – resolve this year to be aware of when you are procrastinating and make a decision to move on.
  • Call a meeting where everyone gets an opportunity to talk (uninterrupted) about what their greatest achievement for 2011 was and what they feel the New Year should hold.  By taking a moment for gratitude we can move into 2012 with the right attitude.

Getting organised is like loosing weight. It takes time to put on the kilos and then dedication and a plan of action to loose them.  Accept that getting organised is a process.  Decide what will work for you and then, one step at a time, work at achieving it.  The battle of conquering the clutter brings with it great rewards: reduced stress, increased productivity and more time to do the things that really matter.

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Tracey Foulkes
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