New Year – New You. Or Is It?

New Year – New You. Or Is It?


We recently entered a new year, and with any new year and perhaps like previous new years, we have the idea that because it’s a new year, it’ll be a new me. The idea that a new year automatically equals a new you will soon let you down…or perhaps it’s us letting ourselves down.

Don’t get me wrong, a new business venture, a fresh start at life, another chance to do things differently or to make “better mistakes” than before is always welcomed, particularly after a year that has not been quite what it was supposed to be…or perhaps we weren’t what we were supposed to be.

Then we have conversations about new year’s resolutions, working out more…eating less, saving more and spending less…but when we get to the end of the year, we have spent more and saved less, eaten more and worked out less. That which should be more is less and that which should be less…is more. Are we doing it wrong? Maybe there’s a better way to get your head in the game, a better way to play the game.

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2017 will bring new opportunities, but for the serious business owner or entrepreneur, comes a serious set of simple-yet-forgotten disciplines. These are required if, you intend see the new year through to the end, and end it just the way you hoped to.


You need a new mindset to get new results, it’s an attitude adjustment, a clearing and cleaning of the filter through which you see things – look at things differently and you will see them differently.

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This is not just a once off exercise, be disciplined every day to assess what you think, how you think and why you think about what you think about.

Remember, what you focus on you will hit, it’s like teaching a kid to ride a bike and then you keep telling them to watch out for the tree. Soon enough they hit the tree, in future tell them to watch the road. Then…put your thoughts into planned action.



Dreams only work if you do, so it will not help just telling everyone what you hope to achieve this year if you don’t do the hard yards…when it comes to working smart verses working hard, any successful individual will tell you that the smart thing to do, is to work hard for what you want.

It’s a combination of belief and will with non-stop commitment to doing what needs to be done in order to get what you want. The old saying that “actions speak louder than words”, has more value in business now than ever before because there is more competition for your job or service than ever before…so don’t tell me show me…don’t just tell yourself – show yourself.

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It’s never too late to figure out your goals, if you don’t have any then as soon as you finish reading this go figure out what you want, yes you can have whatever you want, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t – if you are willing to do what it takes – to learn more, to push just that much more, risk more, give more and do more…then you are the one, going to achieve more.

Set small daily goals that work toward your ultimate goal. Create good habits, disciplines that will focus your attention to what you set out to achieve. Oh and get a “cheerleader” who motivates you when times get tough.

Do this every new day, and 2017 can be your new ‘you’ year.

Wes Boshoff
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