Being Yourself For A Living

Being Yourself For A Living


Entrepreneur and author Robin Wheeler coined the phrase ‘being yourself for a living’ in 1996 as an intelligent response to changes in the world and people. These changes have accelerated since then and are at their zenith of disruption and creative potential.

In September 2013, Wheeler launched the fourth book in the Insights series, Truer Insights.

The book presents 77 insights to help the entrepreneur see through the false and help them to be true.

The first three Insights books set the scene and took the reader further and deeper into the experience of ‘being yourself for a living’.

The fourth book in the series continues the journey, this time focusing on how to be true. What is truth? In this world characterised by overwhelming corruption in every area, what is the answer for sincere and whole human living?

Truer Insights is an accessible yet profound collection of short insights into life, business and ourselves that strips away the false and validates the essential, leaving you freer of illusions and closer to who you really are.

In it, Wheeler shares his own story, speaking straight to the challenges and opportunities we all face in our individual quests to live authentically in our rapidly changing world.

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