How Staying Smart Means Staying Ahead

How Staying Smart Means Staying Ahead


Vital Stats:

Entrepreneurs usually spend a lot time doing research, making sure they have all the facts at hand, learning new skills and gaining new knowledge when they are in the process of planning/ starting up their business. This is what most experts tell them to do. But then they get caught up in the challenge of running a business, managing the operations, and looking after finances and staff, and they stop learning.

Staying abreast of latest trends and developments and upskilling yourself as a business owner should never stop. This can be done in various ways, with different purposes in mind:

  • Informally: Done mainly electronically with the purpose of finding information quickly.
  • Non-formally: Engage in broader learning activities, such as joining interest groups, subscribing to newsletters or blogs or even reading articles and books on specific topics.
  • Formal studies: Enrolling at an institution and doing a course with a clear and fixed curriculum.

Finding the best method for continual learning

Each of the above has its own pros and cons and would be best suited in certain situations. However, there seems to be a growing realisation that formal studies should form part of any entrepreneur’s survival strategy. This is illustrated by the growth in popularity of MOOCS, online courses and part-time classes.

Wits Plus, the Centre for Part-Time Studies at Wits University has experienced strong growth in its numbers, also including the number of entrepreneurs registering for management courses.

The model of evening classes clearly suits the person who cannot afford to spend their days away from work, yet who is committed to continue studying. It also has the advantage of interacting with a lecturer and forming networks with fellow students.

Wits Plus
Wits Plus, the Centre for Part-Time Studies at the University of Witwatersrand, offers selected undergraduate degrees, as well as a wide range of short certificate courses. Evening classes make all qualifications accessible to working people and busy entrepreneurs. Wits Plus also offers a range of online short courses that enable you to study wherever you are. Certificates of Competence are awarded to successful participants for both certificate and online short courses.