Gilan Gork, The Mentalist – How To Get What You Want...

[PODCAST] Gilan Gork, The Mentalist – How To Get What You Want In Business Using Influence


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As an entrepreneur, being able to influence people in order to get what you want has it’s merits. But how do you go about working out what someone is thinking in a boardroom for example?

Matt Brown speaks to Gilan Gork, who is South Africa’s leading Mentalist, and a master at reading and influencing people using non-verbal and psychological principles.

In this episode of the Matt Brown Show, we explore how entrepreneurs can influence people to get what they want in business. He also pulls a picture out of Matt’s mind live on the show!

  • How to use mental triggers to to mobilise people into action
  • How to sell more using rapport and influenceHow to read the body language of people in a boardroom
  • The Matt Brown v Gilan Gork live experiment
  • Three questions that every entrepreneur should answer to influence them.

Want to find out more? Read up with these show notes. 

Matt Brown
Matt Brown is the CEO of Digital Kungfu a strategic business consultancy. He is also the host of the Matt Brown Show - a podcast empowering and entrepreneurs around the globe.