Vital Stats

It is estimated that roughly one-third of the skills considered important for today’s global workforce will change vastly within the next five years.

Not only will this create a greater need to upskill or learn new skills, but it will also ignite a drive towards developing more well-rounded, competent professionals who can adapt within any organisation or industry.

In what has been coined as the world’s Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 – many organisations and business owners are gearing up to rightsize, re-energise and focus on core business while securing a multi-skilled, flexible workforce with a self-directed drive towards organisational goals and strategies.

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Game-changing solutions

At Enterprises University of Pretoria, we have changed our approach to training and research interventions to help you better realise career objectives, capacitate yourself to change the game and increase your team’s ability to shift knowledge to insight.

Drawing from leading industry experts and some of South Africa’s finest academics, we provide you with customised, proactive solutions aligned to skills development needs for various industries, places of work, communities, the country and beyond.

Securing future-proof skills


Relying on only one trade or skill will no longer make the cut when it comes to future-proofing your career. Already having made a significant impact on the careers of more than 320 000 professionals and 6 000 organisations from across the globe, we are taking our commitment to lifelong learning even further.

Being a multi-skilled professional means that you become indispensable to your team while also embracing opportunities to shift to better positions when the time is right.

Our dynamic interaction with industry role-players not only enhances levels of engagement, but also energises the drive towards lifetime decisions related to both individual (career growth) and organisational (critical business insight) undertakings. Your future starts here.

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Shaping the career landscape

The wider your field of knowledge and expertise, the more likely you will be able to shape your own career prospects – whether in your current organisation or by shifting between career opportunities.

As your strategic partner, we deliver business insights informed by scientific evidence and showcase market relevance aligned to industry developments. When it comes to propelling your career – and organisation – to the next level, we want to equip you with the right skills set to take on Industry 4.0 with full force.

Here is how we can help you prepare the skills that will shape tomorrow’s careers:

  1. Customised solutions geared towards upskilling employees, addressing organisational and industry needs and corporate deals that get you more in the long-run without breaking the bank.
  2. Training that suits your schedule with online or blended training if you have time, space or budget constraints. Access training anywhere, complete it in your own time and go at it on your own pace.
  3. Industry-aligned interventions with more than 500 career-focused short courses across 20 fields of study, over 400 annual research projects and a client base that spans all industries and spheres of government.
  4. Continued Professional Development (CPD) activities registered with various national and international bodies of practice to stay on top the latest career developments while gaining critical insights for future growth.

Why partner with us

As the training and research partner of choice, Enterprises University of Pretoria translates the quality, relevance and impact of the academic and research-intensive outputs of the University of Pretoria into all-inclusive and innovative Training Solutions and Research Solutions for individuals and organisations alike. Learn more about our full offering at

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Our Training Solutions and Research Solutions provide you with innovative, customised and practical solutions that ensure increased productivity and enhanced employee engagement within any industry – setting us apart from traditional training and research organisations. With some of South Africa’s most acclaimed academics and thought leaders on our team of course leaders and research specialists, we ensure that you continuously engage in ground-breaking knowledge transfer – shifting knowledge to insight. For more information, visit