Shift To Strategic Thinking Free Of Limits

Shift To Strategic Thinking Free Of Limits



Vital Stats

Are you struggling to get your business off the ground? There are many factors to consider before launching your business and many others that you will face after having started operations. The fact of the matter is very few entrepreneurs will have all the solutions and tools to run a successful business. Add to this the reality that the business landscape is continually evolving, it becomes obvious that entrepreneurs may – from time to time – need specialised advisory services.

Here is how we can help you and your business:

1. Pre-start up

We help you conceptualise your business and ensure that you invest your capital in the right opportunities:


  • Feasibility studies.
  • Product/service research and development.
  • Opportunity screening.
  • Technology testing and optimisation and intellectual property (IP) advisory services.



  • Starting My Business training (tech-based).
  • Incubation formation consultation and turnkey solutions.
  • Channelling technology transfer (science-to-market).


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2. Start up and establishment

Once a clear mandate for your business has been set, we will give you the tools and tips to get your business on the path to success:


  • Business modelling (value-to-customer).
  • Business plans for growth.
  • Product development (innovation research and advice).
  • Pipeline access-to-market mechanisms (ecosystem approach).


  • Managing My Business: skills development.
  • Supplier Investment System (SIS) – cooperative development.
  • Technology design and optimisation.
  • Business clinics.
  • Policy research and advice.

3. Growth and beyond

To help you grow your business and extend beyond the mainstream, we help you refocus and streamline your operations:

  •  Strategy for expansion.
  • Advanced skills development: Growing My Business.
  • Industry specific linkage and access to markets (Africa and beyond).
  • Technology enhancement and optimisation.


  • Mentoring and coaching.
  • Specialised research (market insights).
  • Corporate governance (consultation).
  • Business modelling for innovation and scaling.


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Why partner with us?

For 16 years we have been delivering advisory services to industry, both in the private and public sector across an array of disciplines.

We have the ability to provide you with business-to-business solutions across the full life cycle from project conceptualisation to delivery and capacity building using scientific evidence as basis. We draw on the expertise of over 140 disciplines from nine faculties of the University of Pretoria.

This enables us to deploy multi-faceted teams that provide customised and innovative solutions. Our competitive edge is based on our ability to put science into practice – connecting you with the knowledge and insight needed to keep your business thriving.

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Our Training Solutions and Research Solutions provide you with innovative, customised and practical solutions that ensure increased productivity and enhanced employee engagement within any industry – setting us apart from traditional training and research organisations. With some of South Africa’s most acclaimed academics and thought leaders on our team of course leaders and research specialists, we ensure that you continuously engage in ground-breaking knowledge transfer – shifting knowledge to insight. For more information, visit