What’s E-Learning Got To Do With It?

What’s E-Learning Got To Do With It?


What are the major benefits of e-learning training in the mining industry?

E-learning presents a sustainable and measurable solution to any part of training in the mining environment, whether it be health, safety, environment or safe working procedures, e-learning embraces that need.

What infrastructure is required for e-learning training?

E-learning can be carried out at any operation training centre using either individual PC’s or classroom facilitator led programmes – obviously PC based is best, however, classroom training also shows great results.

Why should I use e-learning at my operation?

Just as cell phones were some years ago, e-learning is growing at a phenomenal rate – more and more companies are embracing this training medium a) because of its simplicity b) the fact that all records can be stored and measured c) the fact that as protocols change in the mining industry, e-learning is designed to meet those changes in real time.

Can I use video as part of my e-learning curriculum

Of course, video and other forms of training formats can be integrated into e-learning programmes in what we call a blended learning solution – in this way the retention of knowledge by your employee is greatly enhanced.

Some of my employees are not fully literate – is there a solution?

Definitely – one of the beauties of e-learning is that the training material can be translated into whichever language you wish with an audio soundtrack – in that way your employees can be taught in their mother tongue – we have created e-learning programmes in many of the official South African languages.

Are e-learning programmes expensive?

When compared with other learning solutions, they may seem at first glance to be expensive, however, once the exact nature of the solution and its long-term cost benefits have been explained, they actually become extremely cost-effective.

How long does it take to produce an e-learning programme?

OK – let’s take as an example an employee induction programme at a mining operation. We adopt what is known as the ADDIE principles when developing e-learning.

  • First we would conduct an analysis to determine your exact needs – this is the most vital part of the entire exercise.
  • Secondly we would design the programme with those exact needs in mind.
  • Next we develop the programme all the time ensuring our client is kept up-to-date with our activities.
  • The following part of our sequence is to implement the developed programme – ensuring that all quality assurance criteria have been met.
  • Lastly we evaluate the efficacy of the programme.

So, in answer to your question, on an induction programme outlined above we would be looking at timeframe of around two months from introduction to the ADDIE process.

How professional are South African e-learning companies?

There are many good quality e-learning training companies in our country, and speaking on behalf of The Training Room Online, we have many clients across all sectors of South African commerce and industry, as well as a host of international clients who use our services because of our product quality as well as being extremely competitively priced.

Jim Devlin
Jim has more than 25 years' experience in the SA mining industry and beyond. He has produced many multi-media training programmes in this arena, focusing on the health, safety, environmental, operational and social sectors. Jim has worked globally for many of the major as well as junior mining companies and has a sound knowledge of mining conditions across all sectors of the industry. He carries the portfolio of "Executive: Mining & Industrial at The Training Room Online".