Why Are Working Professionals Returning To Studying?

Why Are Working Professionals Returning To Studying?


Research conducted by IBM, found that the ongoing trend towards “the internet of things” will quickly lead to a world in which collective human knowledge will be doubling every 12 hours.

The world is changing faster than ever before

Which means that working professionals need to constantly adapt and learn new skills if they want to remain relevant and valuable in their careers.

The rise of continued education has been a welcomed tool for them to stay competitive in today’s workplace.

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And that’s where online courses are servicing an important need

In Africa alone, the annual growth rate of online education between 2012 and 2016 is 15,6% – a number which will continue to rise – especially given that in 2014 HR executives worldwide reported the “skills gap” as the single greatest organisational challenge faced.

“We have to recognise that the educational needs of modern working professionals have changed. The existing higher education system worked exceptionally well for the industrial era economy, at a time when information was scarce, and change happened slowly. Now that we’ve entered the information era, that has all changed. Modern careerists now have to become lifelong learners if they wish to stay relevant and advance their professional ambitions. “

– Rob Paddock, Chief Academic Officer at GetSmarter

In a report conducted by EvoLLLution in 2012, the response from employers towards online education was clear-cut.

96% said that continued education has a positive impact on job performance, 78% said that it factored into promotion and advancement and 87% say that it affects salary and compensation.

3 Reasons studying online with top universities and GetSmarter is the way forward

1. Flexibility, with unrivalled personal support

Modern working professionals need to learn, unlearn and relearn without quitting their day job. Online, part-time education can be completed from the comfort of your own home and is self-paced and flexible – allowing you the time to manage your studies while still maintaining a good work-life balance.

The best part? You won’t be studying alone. You’ll join a vibrant community of aspiring working professionals, and be surrounded by your very own Student Success Team – a team of hard-working people dedicated to your success by providing you with personalised academic, performance, technical and administrative support for the full duration of your course.

2. Gain workplace-ready skills

You’ll leave your course ready to use your new competencies in a way that’s both applicable and relevant to your work context.

GetSmarter courses are current and industry-relevant, equipping students with only the latest skills to apply in their career.

You’ll get the recognition and support you need to confidently take the next step in your career, whether that be career change, promotion or impact.

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3. Earn recognition

You’ll receive an industry-recognised certificate of completion, approved by a leading university or institution – a powerful proof of competence, bound to give you a competitive edge.

Want to study online and reap the benefits in your career?

Visit www.getsmarter.co.za and browse a course portfolio of over 60 online short courses, presented in partnership with some of Africa’s leading universities.


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