7 Major Steps For Achieving Massive Success

7 Major Steps For Achieving Massive Success


The other day, a man in his early 20’s approached me and asked me for advice. “Daniel, I’m a young and broke college student with two children. Could you show me what to do to become a millionaire?”

Without hesitation, I rebuked him for his question. “How dare you call yourself broke? Is that what you’ve been associating yourself with in the past few years? Is this the way you see yourself?”

“No sir, I just thought…” he murmured. I cut him off, “Look if you want to be rich, you cannot buy into a story of poverty. Even though your circumstances may seem unfavourable at the moment, it doesn’t mean that it will last forever.”

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My answer startled him, but it was the truth. Later on, he realised that no one was going to feel sorry for him and he determined to correct the situation. Only those who are willing to pay the price will ever get the chance to have a taste of success.

Here are seven major steps for achieving massive success:

1. Flow Naturally

The biggest mistake that ambitious people make is that they are too hard on themselves. They set deadlines and demand a lot out of themselves. When they don’t meet their expectations, they end up frustrated, sometimes even hurting themselves in the process.

Oftentimes, being too hard on yourself is the quickest way to burn out and lose hair.

Before I wrote this article, I panicked for three days, wanting to create the perfect piece. I attempted it a few times, but it didn’t quite come out the way I wanted it to. After going through a few rituals, I sat down on Day 4 and pumped it out effortlessly.

Before you create greatness, you must soak up some life experiences and clear your mind. Soon enough, you’ll flow naturally, like this article.

2. Change Your Life Story

Everyone has a life story that they tell themselves and other people. What’s yours? Like the college student, many people play a certain story in their heads. Every time we tell our life story, whether it’s past or present, we believe it more and more.

Don’t relish in poverty, unless you want more of it. Too many people celebrate their broke story in order to seek acceptance from other broke people.

To change your life story, focus on whom you’re becoming. You might not know exactly whom you’ll end up as (who does?), but you can focus on telling yourself and others about who you want to become. Sometimes, I’ll ask the universe to reveal the truth about my path and what I can do to materialise those objectives. Once you create your life story, become obsessed with it and keep feeding into it.

3. Imagine Perfection


I know of a man who earnestly wanted children for at least a decade. He was in his mid-30’s and had been trying with his wife, but had no success. Eventually, he bought a six-bedroom house that was way too big for him and his wife. However, he placed young photos of his wife and him to resemble his future children (assuming they would look like him).

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He also took 30 minutes each day to tell his “imaginary children” to clean up, do house chores, and go to bed. What were his results? After six months, his wife conceived a child. He now has five children and could go even further if he wanted to. This is the power of acting on your visions and making your dreams a reality. Sometimes, you have to be “delusional” in some way to reach your highest goals.

4. Study Your Desires

On a daily basis, many people indulge in copious amounts of negativity. If you tend to notice, talk about, and identify with war, crime, disease, financial problems, misfortune, or disharmony, this is what you are inviting into your life. If you study miscellaneous things, you will get miscellaneous results. What do you normally study?

Many times, it’s hard to realise the subtle influence that we are exposed to. However, if you want true wealth, you must identify with the state of mind that you would most likely want to associate with. In other words, focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Why dwell on financial despair when you could scheme up new ways to get the Rolls Royce you may want?

5. Take Care of Business

Before you even get close to what you want, you must take care of the little things. This means that you’ll have to clean out the closet, wash the car, and sweep the floor.

On a bigger scale, it means that you’ll have to find out everything you can about everything you want.

You must practice due diligence and do the necessary work if you want success in your life.

You must constantly eliminate the old if you want the new. I’m sure you can picture the old lady who wants a new purse and shoes, but won’t give away her current stash of purses and shoes in her closet. Many people allow these little setbacks to keep them away from wealth. If you want more money, take care of business.

6. Forget Haters

There’s always been a crowd of people who focus on haters so much that they’re oblivious to the people who are trying to help.

They talk about how everyone is against them and no one supports their behaviours. It’s sad truth is that only haters realise haters. Moreover, dwelling on other people’s opinions will forever prohibit you from living your life.

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Instead of focusing on who you don’t want in your life, focus on who you do want in your life. Don’t worry about what ‘they’ think, but take unprecedented action toward your goal. Always search for people who can help you realise your highest goals.

You can do this by creating a “reach out” list of 25 people that you’d want to connect with. Soon enough, you’ll forget about your “haters” since you’ll realise that they were never there in the first place.

7. Become the Best

Real success can only happen when you become the best at what you do. Every day you have a chance to reach your peak performance. This is where you can use your talents, skills, and abilities in the highest capacity. For most people, they’re only using a fraction of what they have since it’s not demanded in their careers.

However, you have to seek a profession that allows you to become the best at what you do. When it comes to performing at the highest level, you must make sure that you’re focused on serving other people, not just doing it as a means to obtain money. Eventually, you’ll find that an abundance of opportunities will hunt you down. This is what will help you become the best at what you do.

Opportunities beget opportunities. However, these opportunities come for those who are prepared for them. We all know the famous quote, “Success is when preparation meets opportunity.”

Thus, you can only achieve your success when you’ve set yourself up for it. That’s why I strongly believe that when the mind is ready, the money will come.

This article was originally posted here on Entrepreneur.com.

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