7 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Be Listening To

7 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Be Listening To


While we love a good Taylor Swift song as much as the next person, we also realise that singing along to Bad Blood while sitting in traffic isn’t exactly a productive use of one’s time. So maybe it’s time you switch off the drive-time shows and pop songs.

An audio version of the latest business book is a good option, but these tend to demand more attention than you can offer in traffic. The solution? Podcasts. Specifically, these seven podcasts created with the entrepreneur in mind.

Jared-Easley_Starve-the-doubts7. Starve the Doubts

Jared Easley, creator and host of Starve the Doubts, describes himself as an “everyday guy who is passionate about connecting with others, leveraging new media & cultivating a community”. But Jared is underselling himself a bit.

He is, in fact, a trendsetter with a great podcast that is interesting and well produced. His guests are successful and insightful, offering up loads of useful info. In fact, our sister mag in the US rated Starve the Doubts as the best podcast out there for new entrepreneurs.

Start with this episode: But I’m a Unicorn… with Strother Gaines